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4 Wrong Choices of Things That Can Spoil Your Wedding Event

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Weddings, the word encompasses both the tincture of happiness and the struggle that has been put in to make the event perfect. You devote months and months to plan everything as per your choice as you and your family have been looking forward to this day your entire life and expecting it to be flawless is worth it.

However, in real-world perfection does not exist. No matter how hard you try but not all things go around the way you wanted them to. This can be a result of some wrong choices that you make without realizing it.

Four Wrong Wedding Choices which can spoil your wedding event

So, to put into light and help you plan near to perfection wedding here are 4 major choices that can spoil your wedding event:

1. The Dress:

No matter how much you think of your fashion choice to be chic and fantabulous, getting fashion advice is always recommended. While choosing a dress you can either ask a friend with a good fashion sense to accompany you or you can seek help from your designer. Get another opinion on the dress you like to prevent yourself from choosing something that is either to tight or too baggy like kaftan dress. The wedding dress is the essence of the event its not only you, who is looking forward to it, but the entire female folk is watching out for it. So, to avoid embarrassment. Choose the attire of your actual size that you can easily carry to avoid tripping and the outfit that speaks of elegance. An additional tip is to carry a sewing kit with you to the venue as a precaution. Other than the dress, do not neglect the jewelry and your hair-do. At times dress works well but the accessories and wrong choice of the make-up artist can for sure spoil your day.

2. The Weather:

While planning a wedding, the weather is the last thing that people pay attention to. While planning and picking the flowers for an outdoor décor we think about the color of silk backdrops and the placement of chandeliers, but we forget to check the forecast of the big day. Outdoor arrangements usually are preferred particularly for destination weddings as they provide a soul and fascinated flavor to the event but a few minutes of rain wipe-off the arrangements a lakeside or a hilltop can turn into a muddy sight in a fraction of seconds. Make sure to choose the venue that suits the weather of the day you are planning for your wedding. While choosing an outdoor menu make sure to have a back-up plan if it rains or if there is and windstorm. Although the weather cannot be controlled however, keeping a check on the forecast can save you from a lot of trouble and your event takes place in a flow that you have planned.

3. The Photographer:

Your wedding day will be over before you know it but the photographs and memories last forever. Make sure to check the portfolio of the photographer you are planning to hire and more importantly check the feedbacks on social media. Saving mental pictures is as important as the paper photographs. Some photographers try to dictate the event not only for the bride and groom but for the guests too.
Wrong wedding choices
Choose a photographer who captures the event candidly, as it unfolds rather than being an annoying addition to the event. As a bride or a groom, you are going to spend half of the event with the photographer which will definitely affect your mood so make sure to meet him once before hiring him.

4. The Catering Service:

Other than the décor, another thing that has a long-lasting impact is the food, particularly in South Asian weddings. People will talk about it for at least the next five years either for being the best or for being the worst. Your caterer can spoil the event before you will know it. While choosing a catering service make sure to check their food yourself. Make sure to include the continental food in your menu rather than heading for a unique one. Do not rely on catering service providers to design the menu.

Therefore, keeping these four basic things and a bundle of others you can use the cliché ‘a dream come true’ in its literal sense.

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