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Questions You Should Be Asking Prior Booking a Wedding Photographer

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As soon as you can narrow down your wedding photographer list to two to three prospective photographers, schedule a meeting with each of them to ask questions and to see if you’re comfortable working with them.

If one of your prospects is out of town, let’s say at a wedding photographer Sedona and logistics are hard, schedule a video chat instead. 

The point is, you get to meet them before you decide. Remember that you’ll be working with these people the entire day of your wedding, and if you’re not comfortable, you might not enjoy your wedding. The shots might not be all that great or everything you wanted them to be.

Important Questions To ask Before Booking a Wedding Photographer

While you’re at it, ask them these crucial questions.

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What photography style do they specialize in? 

The reason why you want to ask them this question is that since most photographers fuse different styles in their work, you want to make sure if they shoot portraits, black and white photos, drone photos, or other techniques. Going with the photographer with the most experience will yield the best results.

Will your photos be color-balanced or retouched?

If yes, will he let you see the proof first before he prints it out? The reason why you want to know is that these are some of the techniques most magazines use to make their photos look immaculate. While some photographers polish your photos, others would like to present you with raw, untouched proofs and only retouch those images that you choose.

What photography style do they specialize in?

You need to know the answer to this question because your photographer might have the relevant skills and experience to shoot the old-school film format. If you want dreamy quality shots, hire a pro in this field.

If he has experience in shooting film, will he shoot in black and white or color? If he can do both, what percentage will he recommend for each?

The rationale behind this question is that usually, a good wedding photographer Sedona mixes both black and white and color. You’ll better understand their style, and you’ll also have an idea of how your album will look if you ask for the balance your prospective photographer usually go with.

What is included in the wedding photography packages?

You want to compare the price offered by each photographer. That’s why you have to ask this question. Aside from the cost, also check if proofs, albums, prints, and extra coverage like engagement shoots will be included in the package. If your album is not included in the package, don’t worry, you can pay for it a la carte, or you can make one after the wedding. If your prospective photographer will use film, ask him about the processing fees and the film costs.

How many hours will they cover your wedding and will they charge separately for overtime?

You’re asking this to know if extra hours will cost you much. If yes, then you can plan your coverage time accordingly. For example, your photographer only includes 6-hour wedding coverage, and after that, he’ll be charging a substantial hourly overtime fee. You might need to finish your business with them after your last dance or after you cut your wedding cake. The point is you can budget your money and your time because you know what’s included in your package. 

If you have further questions like how much drone shots cost or if they offer same-day edit, you can list it down and ask your prospective photographers during your meeting. Don’t be shy or hesitant about asking difficult questions. The more prepared you are during the planning stages of your wedding, the less stressful will it be on your wedding day.

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