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7 Save the Dates Card Ideas for Your Big Day

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A wedding is a colossal moment full of endless excitement for both the bride and the groom. The rush of thrill and pleasure urge you to spread the word to all your friends and family. ‘Save the dates’ card announces your wedding much before the actual invitation. You can customize this Wedding card in any style you like or choose a traditional theme for the same.

Wedding card ideas

Wedding Card Designs and ideas

Here are some excellent design inspirations to make your choice of wedding cards easier. 

1. Use Glitter on the Card

When you are shining with excitement, why not add some glitter to your cards too? A glittery paper adds a lot of pizzazz to any card, and your save the date is not an exception. Choose either rose gold, silver, or gold background in the card and highlight it with your details or a photo. 

2. Use Photos on the Card

Photo-style save the dates card is a personal statement. So, you ought to make them impressive. These cards give an insight into your personality and relationship. So, choose the picture that sets the right tone. It can be a romantic hub, a walk in the park, a picture of you hanging out on the couch, or playing with your dog in the backyard. Anything that matters to you will amaze the guests as well. 

3. Use Foil Printing

If you don’t want to go overboard with a lot of shiny things on your save the dates, choose foil printing on your card. It can be the wording or designs that are printed in foil. It gives a shiny touch that’s understated yet appealing. Gold and silver are forever classics for foil printing, but you can choose other colors as well. 

4. Calendar-Style Cards

A save-the-date card with a calendar theme is both practical and expressive to announce the big date. You can add Boho elements like a heart or laser-cut design for an elegant style. Your guests can easily mark the dates on their calendars when they receive such a perfect reminder of the same. 

5. Go Funny with the Design

Share your happiness with a funny theme on your save the date cards. There are a lot of ideas for fun themed cards like holding up a cute prop while clicking photos or choose crafty wording on the card. Don’t forget to add your personal touch to a funny card.

6. Unique Fingerprint Design

For a romantic and personal touch, make small hearts using both of your fingerprints on the card. It is a simple but meaningful and impressive style where the guests will feel your emotions and remember your big day. 

7. Laser Cut Designs Are Always Beautiful

Want to go with the trend? Choose laser-cut save the date cards having an intricate design. These cards never fail to wow the guests with their details and patterns. There are lots of varieties to make a selection. From a cut out of flowers and leaves to hearts or bows, you can let your creativity take its course when designing the card. 

Apart from these, you can take inspiration from ideas like black & white themes, watercolors designs, or bookmark styles as save the dates for your wedding invites. Whatever design you choose, don’t forget to add all the details about the wedding on the card.

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