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Summer Lawn Prints 2020 Sale on Warda

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Warda is a fashion brand that focuses on women’s apparel in eastern designs that celebrate ethnicity, culture and tradition while maintaining a fast-fashion model that makes shopping easy and affordable. The designer house was established in 2006 offering casual unstitched winter and summer lawn fabrics and semi-formal luxury wear in traditional prints and embroidered motifs. They have pretwear and separates the only section for trousers that can be matched with both single and 2-piece suits. 

Warda Summer Lawn 2020 Sale

Currently, there are over 240 designs on sale that include the previous Winter and Summer Collections along with the newly released Unstitched and Pret Summer of this year. Ladies can choose from the formal 3-piece suit to more vibrant modern casual ready to wear designs. The unstitched collections are a great alternative to buying expensive high-end 3-piece suiting as Warda offers such designs for a quarter of the price. Other items of sale include accessories like handbags and jewellery that make it easy to complete summer wear wardrobe.

The design philosophy of Warda combines Paksitani textiles history and extensive use of colour that ensures every woman can find their favourite design. There are thick borders on the daman with embellished necklines that create formal structured panel shirts that can be worn easily to work and every day without feeling too overdone like other designer wear. The formal designs have classic craftsmanship inspired digital prints that look like various techniques like embroidery threadwork, zarri, gota, block print and cross-stitch.

The cultural diversity of the country requires fashion that understands what women want in their everyday wear without compromising on design or quality of the fabric. There are more dark tones and rich earthy base colours of crimson, ochre, browns and greens in the 3-piece suits. Festive colours like bright yellow and pink have contrasting prints that highlight the base colour.

The pret wear by Warda has wester infused designs for contemporary young women who want to pair single shirts with matching trousers and tulip shalwars. The ready-made designs include short shirts, 3/4 sleeves, half sleeves and asymmetrical designs with bell sleeves or lightly embellished to retain an ethnic flavour.

The summer pret and unstitched of 2020 collection has printed designs, fabrics with the traditional Chikan Kari embellishment technique and other popular embroideries like silk threadwork, colourful cotton threadwork and gold threadwork on different combinations of suits.  The designs one sale help create a fresh new summer wardrobe from Warda that can be worn regularly without worrying about wearing out the cloth as it is durable and closely weaved to provide comfort that will last all summer.

The collection has inclusive sizes that range from small to extra large keeping in mind that Pakistan has all kinds of body shapes in women. Sold as both loose fabric per meter and prepackaged sizes that cater to women who are larger than the standard extra-large size. 

This time all the brands including warda has given an opportunity to order online due to current medical issues. You can buy sale items directly from warda or from other shopping platforms such as darazlawn collectionshopsy or whats on sale etc. 

The sale as offers up to 50% off on suits and shirts so depending on your personal budget there are designs in every price point.For those looking for single shirts, shirts with dupatta or shirt with trousers these items are in the lower and mid-range price bracket helping you save money by matching your own secondary items from home. You can easily match one dupattaor trousers with multiple shirts and suits. Warda wants Pakistani women to enjoy shopping and be able to buy multiple designs without worrying about overspending during the holidays.  

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