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Twitchy Eyelids – Causes, Cure, And Prevention

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Twitches are totally harmless, and generally, it is a spasm of the eyelid muscles which in medical terms, is called as Blepharospasm, (if it is a little strong and happens on the upper eyelid) or Myokymia (if it is spontaneous and usually occur on the lower eyelid). Twitchy Eyelids is a situation when your eyelids blink, but you can’t make it stop. It is just for a few seconds and is totally painless.

Eyelid twitching is not a sign of any health problem, so you definitely need not worry, but if they are too frequent, then they can be a little discomforting. These spasms, though really mild, can feel frustrating and may hinder your everyday activities, causing strain and stress.

Conditions of Twitchy Eyelids

Here are a few common conditions that make your eyelids twitch.

● Blepharospasm

             It is a condition where both of your eyelids twitch, causing increased blinking and involuntary closing of eyes. In most cases, this is an inherited condition.

● Hemifacial spasm

             It is an overall contraction of facial muscles of one side, including eyelids. Irritation in the facial nerves can lead to this condition.

● Myokymia

              It is a less forceful spasm as compared to the Blepharospasm and usually involves the lower eyelid blinking.

What causes the twitch?

There are no such specific reasons for eyelid spasms, though there are a few things that can probably make it better or worse. Read further to know about the things that you should avoid,

● Fatigue and lack of sleep can cause frequent twitching● Physical exertion and stress make the twitching worse● Caffeine and alcohol can cause dry eyes which can lead to twitching and irritation 

Curing twitchy eyes naturally

Read these tips and make those frequent twitches go away.

1. Get a nap

             Twitches tend to be frequent for people who are over exhausted or extremely tired. Take a little nap and avoid exertion and eye strain. Have proper sleep. It will help you balance your workload effectively.

2. De-stress yourself

              Stress and exhaustion can make your eyelids twitch too often. To avoid that, make sure to have some free time between your busy schedules. Have a cup of green tea. It will flush out the toxins and make you feel calm and better, listen to some good music, and get back to work.

3. Avoid caffeine and soda

            That caffeine kick may wake up your senses for some time, but these stimulants can cause spasms as well. Limit your caffeine intake and try other options, try some aromatic chamomile tea or infused water, it will lift up your mood and make you feel relaxed as well.4. Try some electrolyte

          ​ Electrolytes have essential nutrients like calcium, sodium, and potassium, which can regulate your muscles and make their functioning balanced. It is a great option if you want to eliminate caffeine and sweetened drinks from your diet routines.

5. Omega 3 fatty acids

              It is an essential nutrient for healthy eyes, nuts, seeds, algae, and fish are rich sources of Omega 3. These chains of acids promote optimal functioning of the eye, which can gradually reduce involuntary spasms.

6. Moisturize

            Dry eyes can make things worse, here are a few essential oils that are considered as an effective natural treatment of eye twitching
● Lavender oil

              It is extremely soothing and can help you control the twitches immediately. Just put a drop on your eyelid and massage gently.

● Eucalyptus oil

             It is the best oil to treat twitchy eyes. It can even clean the eyes and improve your eyesight. Just put a few drops in your streamer and take that steam for a few minutes.

How to prevent twitches

A healthy lifestyle is key to a healthy body and mind. Plan your diets and keep a check on that stress level. You can also incorporate these tips into your daily routine to make things a little easier and a lot more effective.

● Practice Yoga and Meditation

             Twitches are common if you’re nervous or stressed. In fact, it can trigger several other conditions and can be pretty dangerous for your overall health. To manage your stress and anxiety, there can be nothing better than yoga and meditation. It can calm your brain cells and nerves as well as regulate your impulses.

● Make a journal

                 Planners and journals are really relaxing as they can help you track your everyday activities. You can plan several activities in advance as well as keep track of your achievements and progress. Overall it will reduce stress and help you manage your routine efficiently.

Healthy practices may take a little longer to show the results, but once you start noticing the changes, they aren’t going away.

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