HUM TV Drama Serial “Tou Dil ka Kia Hua” featuring Ayeza Khan and Zahid Ahmed

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Pakistani drama industry is famous for bringing dramas which are not only entertaining but also full of lessons at the same time, unlike the typical love stories which keep on dragging. This makes our dramas popular across the border as well. Among the leading drama and entertainment channels of Pakistan, HUM Network stands in the front rows with best ever and hit serials one after the other. After the superb ending of most watched drama serial of the season, SAMMI, HUM TV is ready to on-air its upcoming drama Tou Dil Ka Kia Hua featuring Aiza KhanZahid Ahmed and Sami Khan as lead actors.


Tou Dil ka Kia Hua Synopsis:

The new HUM TV show ‘Tou Dil Ka Kia Hua’ is a story of love, deception and sorrow. It tells how a person’s life and family can be ruined simply by blind trust and by taking a decision in a rush. The story till end revolves around Saif, Faras, Muzna and Tipu.

Both Maya and Faras are seemingly living happily after getting married until Maya forces his husband for divorce. As the play moves on the dark truth reveals, showing how Maya’s ex-boyfriend Saif and Muzna have misled her by making her believe into their cheap lies.

Will Maya see his ex-boyfriend for his tricks or will she be trapped?
How can Maya’s Divorce be beneficial to Muzna?

To figure this out, watch Tou Dil ka Kia Hua only on HUM TV.

Writer: Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

Director: Shafaat Hussain

Producers: Momina Duraid, Samina Humayun, Sana Shahnawaz, Tariq Shah.


  • Ayeza Khan
  • Zahid Ahmed
  • Sami Khan
  • Usman Peerzada
  • Farah Shah
  • Imran Ashraf
  • Hajra Yameen
  • Hira Hussain
  • Mansha Pasha
  • Rehan Sheikh
  • Seemi Pasha
  • Hajra Khan
  • Noor Khan
  • Zarmeena Ikram.

The drama will be on aired every Sunday at 8:00 pm only on HUM TV.

To watch Tou Dil Ka Kia Hua online, visit: HUM TV Youtube Channel

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