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The Summer Fashion Trends That are Dominating 2019

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Fashion trends come and go so often that it’s hard to keep track of which ones are in or old news. However, every season there are a select few looks that stand out as more than a fleeting fad. Here in this article we would like to throw some light on the Summer fashion trends.

Summer Fashion Trends 2019

2019’s summer has been blessed with several such styles. Although the following fashion trends were born on the runway, they have captured the ephemeral attention of the general public and earned a spot on this list of dominating looks.

Rich Colors

Pastels had their time, and now a new era of rich hues are being ushered in. Imagine the colors in a vibrant sunset where the ocean meets the sky: buttery yellow, sunburnt orange, and fiery red, melts into dusty purple and bold blues. These are the colors of Summer 2019. You’ll find them both in solid-color form and in intricate designs, like tie-dye patterns and tribal prints.

Beach Bravado

Summers and beaches go hand in hand which is likely why beach-inspired fashion is always a hit during this season, and Summer 2019 is no exception. You’ve probably already noticed woven basket bags and boxy bamboo purses flooding your Instagram feed. However, pearls and shells are also substantial features of this trend. You’ll catch these ocean themes in:

• Statement shell earrings
• Pearl embellishments
• Shimmery pearl fabric
• Shell-shaped silhouettes
• Crochet crop tops with shell beading

Old Glory

Patriotism never goes out of style and neither does Old Glory-inspired fashion. American flag clothing and faded jeans is a classic combination. Capture the nostalgic 90’s look by finding a well-worn flag tee, distressed high-waisted boyfriend jeans or overalls, and those red, white, and blue ice pops we all went crazy for as kids on a hot summer day. With this casual everyday ensemble, you won’t have to wait until the 4th of July to flaunt your love for the USA.

Latest Summer fashion trends

Feminine Details

Ladylike looks are huge this season. The styles range from in-your-face femininity to subtle daintiness in the details. Ruched dresses are an example of the overt kind. They are glamourous, seductive, and flattering on any figure so long as the ruching is placed in the right place.

On the other end of the spectrum, off-the-shoulder features are an example of understated feminine flair. By accentuating the décolletage, they suggest sexiness in a sophisticated manner. Other flirty elements making a splash this Summer 2019 include:

Florals on dresses, silk scarves, and blouses.
Gingham on two-piece sets, blazers, and high-waisted fitted trousers.
Stripes on t-shirts, swimwear, and jumpsuits.
Bows on waist belts, slide sandals, and head bands
Ruffles on shirt sleeves, crepe skirts, and wrap dresses

90’s Throwback

90’s fashion has made a surprisingly fast comeback but nobody’s complaining. Now all it takes is a trip to the back of your closet or your local thrift shop for an affordable style revamp. The following are the 90’s looks that survived the test of time and are back on the scene this summer.

Grunge with a Twist

Shaped by rock music subculture, grunge fashion is full of tough, dark, and nonchalant clothing. However, in its reincarnated state it has softened up. Stylists this year have been making oxymoronic statements by pairing grunge pieces with delicate feminine attire. For example:

• Silk slip dresses paired with chunky black boots
• Band tees tucked into midi skirts
• Flannel patterns on mini skirts

The aesthetic has also lightened up in color palette to express cheerful summer vibes.

Denim on Denim

The 90’s were in love with jean jackets, wide-leg jeans, and chambray tops. Now, these denim trends are all back in style. Well, technically they never went out of style, but we had been shying away from wearing more than one kind of denim at a time. Fortunately, stacking denims this summer will show off how chic and confident you are.

Dress Your Best

At one point or another, we’ve all looked at an old photo of ourselves and thought “What was I thinking wearing THAT?” That is an unavoidable byproduct of passing fads. However, this summer is all about fashion that is timelessly attractive. We will always be taking inspiration from nature, celebrating femininity, and as far as the record shows, cycling through the 90’s. You won’t regret jumping on these trends this summer 2019.

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