Latest and Stylish Pishwas Dresses and frocks Designs

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Pishwas is a traditional Eastern dress worn commonly in the Middle East, specially Pakistan and India. It is a long frock type suite with an umbrella shaped bottom and looks similar to an anarkali suit. It is worn usually with churidars as bottoms with a dopatta. This dress gives a very graceful look to women. It has a royal background and was worn back in the times of Mughal Emperor. For those who love to wear long loose clothes, this dress serves as a best choice. Moreover, it is an evergreen outfit being worn in almost all times, no matter what the current clothing trend may be. In Pakistan the clothing trend is switching back to short shirts from long loose shirts, yet the the trend of frock has been followed in almost all times. Almost all designers dealing in women clothing own a separate wardrobe for frocks. Pishwas is basically one of the many styles of frocks. By the start of new year many new collections of various Styles of frocks have been launched by different brands and designers.

Pishwas Designs 2014 | Trendy Pishwas Frocks:

Here comes the Latest 2014 collection of Pishwas Style dresses and Frocks. This collection is all about style and fashion. It is adorned with stylish and trendy Pishwas frocks and suits for casual wear and parties. It also includes embroidered items as bridal wear dresses, as it is also worn as a wedding dress like lehengas and maxies. Wonderful embroidered patterns are applied on necklines and sleeves. Stone work and beads along with fancy buttons and broaches are making these dresses more appealing and astonishing. Have a look at this adorable collection and choose the best designs for you.

Pishwas-Frocks-2014-Designs (7)Pishwas-frocks-2014-Designs (1)Pishwas-Frocks-2014-Designs (6)Pishwas-Frocks-2014-Designs (1)Pishwas-Frocks-2014-Designs (3)Pishwas-Frocks-2014-Designs (2)Pishwas-Frocks-2014-Designs (4)Pishwas-Frocks-2014-Designs (5)Pishwas-frocks-2014-Designs (4)Pishwas-frocks-2014-Designs (5)Pishwas-frocks-2014-Designs (3)Pishwas-frocks-2014-Designs (8)Pishwas-frocks-2014-Designs (9)Pishwas-frocks-2014-Designs (6)Pishwas-frocks-2014-Designs (7)

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