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How to do Soft Pastel Lip Makeup? Step by Step Tutorial

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Life is beautiful and make it all the more awesome with makeup! Being a girl, craze for lipsticks is not an appalling thing as it can turn out a totally dreary and lackluster face into a fabulous one. As there are lots of varieties in lipsticks, with a range of hues and types, each for different seasons, trends and occasions. The nudes, pinks, neons, corals  and with textures like glossy, matte, shimmery and many more. The changing weather also has a great impact on the color we choose for lips. In summers, soft and pastel colors are preferred. The soft pastel tones are always in vogue as they look appealing on everyone. Many girls are pastel phobic, and obviously they should be, for the reason that it gives such a chic and elegant appearance even with no makeup. These shades look splendid, simply with mascara and give a natural and refreshing look. Being famous among young girls, it has got the place of a must have product! We will share a very simple Soft pastel lip makeup tutorial here today for you ladies to learn it by yourself.

Keeping in mind the latest trends and the popularity of pastel-lips, I have brought this article for you buddies to learn how to use them correctly. Hope you would love it.

Soft Pastel Lip Makeup Tutorial with simple and easy steps:

Step 1:

Apply some concealer on your lips and outside the boundary for smoothness and neat finishing either with a brush or finger.

soft-pastel-lip-makeup-tutorial (1) soft-pastel-lip-makeup-tutorial (2)

Step 2:

Then with the help of a lip-liner define the boundaries of lips, the color of liner must tone with the lipstick-shade. The chaps with smaller lips need not worry as they can apply the liner a bit out of the boundary for a fuller appearance.

soft-pastel-lip-makeup-tutorial (1)

soft-pastel-lip-makeup-tutorial (2)

Step 3:

After defining the border-line, fill the inner portion with the same liner. Then spread it evenly with a brush to make it suave and smooth.


Step 4:

Now put on your favorite lip-tint, coating equally and defining the edges of the lips. Some professionals use brushes to put it on while others put it on directly, so it totally depends on you guys!


Step 5:

Apply some transparent gloss if you want to make it glossy. And to make it appear matte, then pick out any of your eye shades that goes well with the tint and apply it on lips!

soft pastel Lip makeup tutorial

Step 6:

You are not done yet! With the aid of a brush, make the boundaries neat and tidy using concealer.

soft-pastel-lip-makeup-tutorial (8)

And you are all done mam!
So how was this soft pastel Lip makeup tutorial? Do not forget to let us know by your feedback in the comment section. Stay connected with Stylesglamour Makeup Tutorials Gallery for more makeup guidelines and beauty tips.

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