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How to do Smoky Eye Make-Up – Tutorial with Pictures

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Eyes are no doubt one of the most focused upon parts of one’s body, specifically face. And when you talk about facial grooming, they need a special effort to make them look more prominent and attractive. Generally large eyes are considered more beautiful and charming and they need a very little grooming as to enlarge them further may cause them look weird. Certain make over techniques are used to enlarge eyes in order to make a glamorous and feminist impression. Besides using Maskara, liner, eye pencil and artificial eyelashes, eye shadows play a vital role in eye grooming. A proper application can change the entire look and contribute a lot towards a perfect makeover. As far as the eye shadow styles are concerned, the most popular and demanded style is the smoky eye make-up. It is used generally to give a glamorous and stunning look to one’s face and enlarge eyes in a best way. It can be further applied with different techniques to create Neutral, Galaxy Star or Dramatic smoky eye according to face’s shape or the type of party or gathering that you are just going to attend. Here we are to share a simple smokey eye makeup tutorial for beginners to learn how to make a smokey eye.

At least three slimier shaded hues are needed to create a smoke eye, yet any dark colour can be used. Most commonly used colours for the formation of this style are black, grey, plum, gold, copper and brown but it again depends upon one’s face’s shape, skin tone and of course the lens’ colour. This technique is not as simple as it looks and it does need a guideline for a proper application.

Simple Pictorial Tutorial

smokey eye makeup tutorial

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial – How to make Smoky Eyes Step by Step:

A simple and easy step by step smokey eye makeup tutorial is being listed below to help you out in creating a perfect smoky eye for your next get together. No need to visit a beauty salon for such a simple task, just follow these steps and get a stunning look by yourself.

  • The first and foremost step is to make sure that your eyebrows are well shaped, as if out of shape, they will drag the attention and spoil the entire look.
  • Select the colour that goes perfe ct with your skin tone, lens’ colour and the type of party that you are going to attend. Try to avoid selecting extra bright colours because they sometimes spoil the charm of this style. Suggested colours for fair skin are black, grey and plum while the people with a darker skin tone can choose light colours.
  • Apply your face make-up before putting on your smoky eye in order to get a fresh and shimmery look.
  • Take the lightest shade of the shadow box on a brush and apply smoothly on the corner of eyes (specifically the inner one) and just below the eye brows.


How-to-do-smokey-eye-make-up (1)


  • Now take the darkest of the shadows that you have selected and apply it on upper lash line using a brush.


How-to-do-smokey-eye-make-up (2)


  • Finally apply the medium shade of your chosen colors starting from halfway up your eyelid.


How-to-do-smokey-eye-make-up (3)


  • Now take another brush or wash the same brush properly and blend all the applied shades.


How-to-do-smokey-eye-make-up (4)


  • Apply a thick line at the tips of your eyelids using an eye liner.


How-to-do-smokey-eye-make-up (5)


  • Finally apply mascara on your eyelashes to make them look longer and prettier.


How-to-do-smokey-eye-make-up (6)


And the stunning glamorous smoky Eye is just ready.

How-to-do-smokey-eye-make-up (7)


 The Darker Shades will look even more classy.

How-to-do-smokey-eye-make-up (9)

How-to-do-smokey-eye-make-up (10)


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