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Top 10 Best Natural Tips for Skin Fairness and face whitening

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The craze of having white and fair skin is very much common in Asian people, especially the people of South Asia. Girls are most specifically interested in having a fair skin colour and try various methods to lighten it. This piece of writing will help you learn some natural skin whitening remedies and tips in order to get a fair skin tone.

Skin Whitening Remedies – How to whiten face naturally at Home?

Following are some natural skin whitening remedies and ways to help you lighten your skin colour and make it look more fresh and attractive.

Sun Block:

Before coming towards the remedies for fairness, the first thing that must be kept into mind should be to keep you skin away from sun rays as they can spoil your entire effort by making your skin tone darker again. So, the best way to keep away from sun is to use a sun block or sun screen before going outside.

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Wash your Face Regularly:

Wash your face with a good cleanser every time when you come back home from outside in order to remove the dirt and sweat before it gets adhered into skin pores and make it look darker in colour.

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A glass of Milk:

Milk is one of the best natural whitening agents. Drinking a glass of milk before going to bed every night can result into fairness. This is so interesting and one of the most promising remedy for this purpose.

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Potato Mask:

Peel off a potato, cut it into two halves. Mesh one of it and apply it on your face by the help of a piece of cloth. Keep it for overnight and let the juice penetrate into skin pores. Rub your face gently in the morning by a cotton ball and wash later by lukewarm water. Or simply cut slices of a potato and keep them for few minutes in cold water, after that rub the slices on your face.

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Fresh Coconut Water:

Wash your face daily with fresh coconut water in order to lighten your skin tone.

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Carrot and Turnip Mask:

Boil some carrots and turnips in water, mesh them up and apply the mixture on your face, keep it for about half of an hour and renise later by using a cotton ball dipped into milk. This wouldn’t only lighten your skin tone but also make it look more fresh and clean.

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Cucumber Juice:

Try to drink a glass of fresh cucumber juice in order to see best results using natural ingredients.

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Tomato Juice:

Take a fresh tomato, cut it into two halves and rub them on your face. The tomato juice has proved to be very efficient for this purpose.

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Face Scrub:

Scrub your face with a good facial cream at least once a week in order to remove the dead cells that make your face look dull.

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Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is one of the best natural bleaching agents that helps remove dark spots from skin and makes it look fresh and fair. But do not make an excess use of it, as it can dry it out.

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Certain fairness creams are also used for this purpose but they are not recommend by specialists because they contain chemicals and steroids which can result into side effects. So the best way to do way with such problems is the natural remedies. You may try the above mentioned natural skin whitening remedies and tips to get a fair coloured shiny and fresh face. Share your views about these natural remedies into the comment section below. Keep visiting Stylesglamour for more natural remedies and tips.

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