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How to Rock the Skater Fashion Trend this year

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From loose-fitting shorts, wide-cut pants, oversized shirts, and classic sneakers, the skater fashion look is making a comeback in the streetwear scene today. Notable brands such as thrasher clothing have been the staple and go-to merchandise for most individuals who want to achieve the so-called “skater style.”

Nowadays, you do not need to know skate tricks to achieve the skater style. All you need is the right combination of clothing that will make you rock the fresh and casual look of skater fashion.

Skater fashion

Skater Fashion Trend

If you have been wondering how to achieve the skater style with ease, read on as this article will discuss how you can do just that.

Skater T-Shirts

T-shirts are probably the most vital part of the skater look because it is the first thing people notice. Skater t-shirts are usually oversized to achieve a relaxed look and for maximum comfort.

Skater shirts

Graphic t-shirts are your best option when selecting a skater shirt to add authenticity to your overall look. Another option is to wear shirts that have brand names or logos like thrasher clothing.

Skater Shorts

Back in the day, skaters prioritized comfort over the aesthetic look of their outfits, which is why they chose clothing that offers a loose fit; this preference still stands today. The best option to incorporate the skater style is to look for cargo shorts that have a loose fit and large pockets.

Skater shorts

Another option for a more casual or modern look is to swap your cargo shorts with a pair of shorts that have fewer pockets and minimal design. The shorts must be wide and has a length that would be able to cover your knees to preserve the skater style look.

Skater Pants

If you are not a fan of shorts, then a better option for you is to select skater pants. When choosing skater pants, comfort and ease of movement should be your top priority. Thus, avoid selecting tight-fitting pants such as skinny jeans or sweatpants.

Skater pants

Much like skater shorts, the best option to achieve the skater look while wearing pants is opting for cargo pants that have a loose fit and large pockets. Not only do cargo pants offer an authentic skater aesthetic, but they are also more durable compared to other styles of pants.

Skater Shoes

The shoes are another essential part of the overall skater style. To achieve a throwback look, it would be best that you opt for high-top sneakers. But for a modern look, going for low-top sneakers is your best option.

To achieve an authentic skater look, you should select shoes with plain colors such as black, grey, white, or a combination of them. For a modern look, you can choose shoes with graphic designs or solid and bright colors.

Skater shoes

There you have it, the essential clothing items you need to rock the skater fashion trend. If you feel like going over the top, you can also mix and match other fashion accessories such as backpacks, caps, bucket hats, or beanies.

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