How to identify a real Gucci Handbag

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Everyone wants to live a life of luxury but not everyone can afford it and as such individuals will make do with imitations while others may unknowingly fall victims of people who specialize in fakes.

For high-end luxury good like Gucci, laying your hands on the good stuff has become more difficult but not ultimately impossible. There are specialized stores in countries like China who specialize in producing fakes that are almost indistinguishable from the original product.

Many fashion pundits attribute the rise and success of the replica industry for high-end luxury goods is because of the scarcity and limited production of the luxury goods themselves; ironically this is a major pillar for the high prices of these luxury goods.

Real Gucci Handbag

See How a Fake can Look like a Real Gucci Handbag

For those of us who will do whatever it takes to rock the original wears. In this article, you can see how a fake can look like a real Gucci handbag in five simple steps.

Step One

Examine the Bag for Fake Gucci Details:

First and foremost, you must know that most fake Gucci products can be found on online retailer sites like Maurielle’s and eBay. For Gucci purses sold on these retailer sites, the first thing to look for is a close-up picture of the Gucci logo. What you’re looking for here is a leather tab with the style and serial number imprinted at the back; inside the purse should be the words ‘Gucci Made in Italy’.

Step Two

Take a Look at the Sales Receipt:

If you find yourself in a situation where there are no close-up pictures, tell the seller that you need to view the original receipt for the bag. Here you may be thinking that receipt can easily be re-produced but don’t worry; while a receipt may be fabricated, the sales associate number and the purchase date cannot be replicated. If it so happens that you bought a second-hand Gucci bag, call the store where it was originally bought from to confirm the authenticity of the purchase.

Step Three

Pay Attention to the Quality of Zippers, Clasps, and Hardware:

This aspect is too important to overlook because as we all know, one of the selling points of Gucci is its high-quality hardware. Gucci bags are made of thick, sturdy brass hardware including the zippers and clasps. If you discover cheap plastic zippers instead of sturdy metal YKK zippers and the clasps prove difficult to fasten, then it’s a fake.

Step Four

Examine Handbag Material:

As earlier mentioned, Gucci uses the best material for its goods which adds to its popularity and exclusivity. Every Gucci handbag is made from the best leathers, suedes, patent leather and canvas. For an original Gucci bag, the stitching on the outer seams are uniform while the bag itself is soft and supple to touch; almost like a cat, soft but sophisticated.

Step Five

Check the Lining of the Handbag:

The inside lining of a bag can tell you a lot about the overall quality of the bag. A plastic looking or wrinkly fabric bunching at the seams is not an indicator of a genuine Gucci Product.

All Gucci handbags contain two types of dust bags; these bags will have the double G logo or Gucci written in Gold across the front. If the bag is wrapped in plastic, it is not a genuine Gucci material.

From all of the above-mentioned steps, it would easy for anyone to see how a fake can look like a real Gucci handbag!

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