Provogue Winter Dresses Latest 2017 Collection for Men

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The wait of the season is now over, adorn your winter wardrobe with the feisty colors and refreshing designs by Provogue. The eminent Indian clothing line is based in the populous city of Mumbai, the business center of the country. The company was first establish in 1997, exclusively for menswear but with the expansion in later years, it then became the fashion emblem for both men and women. Provogue also retail in various fashion accessories now. The Provogue Winter Arrivals are all worth having in one’s closet.

Prepare yourself to be dazzled with the exquisite new menswear collection by Provogue. The entire collection is covering the series of coats, sweatshirts, sweaters and t-shirts, all are designed in 100% pure cotton or polyester, wool or leather. The quality is one thing that the brand promises to ensure therefore fashion is now going to get way more cozy and comfy this year. Let’s dive in to explore the latest winter contour designed exclusively by Provogue.

Provogue Winter Dresses 2017 Latest Collection for Men:

Provogue Winter Collection 2017 covers a pretty range of winter dress designs for men who always remain in search of outfits that have a western flavor inside them. This new collection by Provogue contains that flavor and is enough for you to make your closet shine with best seasonal apparels.

This series has brought chic designs of sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, and sweaters for gents. You would love watching the assortment. Let us go through the series by exploring all the articles one by one. So, scroll your eyes down the screen and get ready to enjoy the winter blast by Provogue.


This sweatshirt is made out of 100% pure cotton, reflecting sheer grace through its monochromatic red. The V neck sweatshirt is designed with wrist fit sleeves bordered with fine white line, creating a contrast.

Provogue Autumn Winter COT V Sweatshirt in red color

2. HAWK:

Simple yet pretty, as the shade of yellow is inducing fresh appeal into it. The shirt carries the typical collar style, with the addition of black around the corners, matching with the border of its half sleeves.

Provogue Hawk Winter T shirt with half sleeves in yellow  color


Perfect guy jacket with the attached hood and side comfy pockets. The use of three different colors, red, blue and white is adding the sporty look to the apparel.

Provogue Colin Blue Winter Jacket


This is outwear is full of warmth and style as made out of Pu leather. The contrast of side zipped pockets with the chest pockets is one thing making this waist length jacket mesmerizing.

Provogue Steven Pu leather brown jacket for winter


The sweatshirt is the combination of plain black center with round neck and the camo printed sleeves. Sleeves are fit to the wrist carry the contrasting browns and greens.

Reglan Sweatshirt by Provogue


It’s another V neck sweatshirt but entirely made out of Arco wool. It is available in fascinating shade of blue, which is given the hint of red right around the border of the sleeves.

Provogue Winter COT V Acro wool sweatshirt for men


This is a basic nautical design, crafted in yellow, brown and white. The round neck highlighted through dark brown while the yellow is specified to the chest region, the rest is all striped.

Provogue Nautical round winter sweater for boys


This sweatshirt is a blend of wool with polyester, which is a plus. The logo on the front is giving the sweatshirt a more of a regal and royal outlook.

Provogue quilted winter sweatshirt


It is a sleeveless, padded polyester jacket with bunch of fresh hues including blue and yellow. Pockets are infused in the front sides while the jacket is all lined in yellow from the inside.

Provogue Albert Polyester blue sleeveless winter jacket for men

10. SPRAY:

It’s a casual black sweatshirt with the novelty of the spray pattern printed over it. The print extending through the sleeves and chest mainly highlight the charms of your personality.

Provogue Spray casual Winter shirt in black

11. BROAD:

It’s simple and perfect to carry to work in winters. It has the combination of both the strip patterns and monochrome blue at the top. The collar is lined with red adding an additional contrast.

Provogue broad full sleeved winter shirt with white lines


Another option in polyester, with quality stuffing and warm inner lining. The jacket has the combination of grey with black in addition to side fused pockets.

Provogue john polyester Winter jacket


It is a bit elegant nautical style with broad series of stripes. The strips alternate one another in black and white while the center is filled with red. The V-neck goes perfectly with the nautical theme.

Nautical stripper by provogue


A blend of red with white grey is great to find in a sweatshirt. With its slim fit style and round neck, this shirt is a must to get your hands on.

Provogue Winter Corporate grey sweatshirt


Another beauty in leather, the jacket is the finest outwear of this collection. Its lead shade of color is adding the glare to the material. Prominent leather stitches are used to create line patterns, however the pockets are fused in the front over chest.

Provogue Winter PU leather jacket


The eclipse is all designed in blue with the stand collar and front zipper. The chest is covered with layers of dark blue and mustard which is complementing the logo in 99.

Provogue Winter Eclipse Zipper


It’s an all grey sweatshirt with shaded black border and lined stand collar. The sleeves are also sealed with the shaded black design.

Provogue deep grid sweatshirt with collars


A decent treat of the season, all designed in black and white stripes. It is perfect for men who are not into bright or vibrant colors.

Provogue Winter sued sweater with lining


This sleeveless padded jacket is half polyester and half patched with leather around the shoulders. The use of two different fabrics into one adds certain charm into it.

Provogue Black Marcus Sleeveless winter jacket for gents


Slime fit sweatshirt in black is the delight of the collection. It’s covered with numbers of the dotted lines in white.

Provogue Stock Market Winter Sweatshirt for men

The Provogue Winter Collection for men is available at all leading stores. You can also buy these outfits from the Provogue Online Store. Share your views on this assemblage by your comments in the feedback section below. Stay connected with StylesGalmour for latest seasonal collections.

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