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DIY Top 10 Super Easy Natural Ways and Home Remedies to get Rosy Pink Lips

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Rosy pink coloured soft lips are attractive and impressive facial feature which contributes a lot towards enhancing the beauty. The lip colour varies from person to person depending upon the genetics and hormonal balance. Some of you may have light brown coloured lips while others may have a darker tone. This may be due to the natural body structure or other reasons like changing weather conditions, stress, improper use of cosmetics, smoking, improper blood circulation, and a direct encounter with sun rays. Generally light pink coloured lips are considered to be more beautiful and appealing. Certain ways are used to lighten or maintain the lip colour with medicated and natural treatments. If you are looking for some natural pink lips remedies, then you have landed at the right place.

Natural remedies are however much more reliable and effective as compared to medicated solutions, and the best thing about home-made remedies is that they are usually safe to be used without leaving any side effects. This piece of writing will unbind some natural home-made pink lips remedies in order to have beautiful lips.

Pink Lips Remedies – How to get Rosy Pink Lips Naturally?

Following are some natural pink lips remedies and tips to have beautiful, soft and pink lips.

1). Keep them Moist:

Our lips contain a very little amount of sebum, which is generally required to keep them hydrated and moist. So in order to moisturise them, use a good lip balm, petroleum jelly or butter. This wouldn’t only keep them moist but soft and shiny too.


2). Rose Petals and Milk Cream:

Take some milk cream and soak a few red rose petals in it. Mix an appropriate amount of honey in it, apply the mixture on the dark area and keep for about 15 minutes. You will feel the change in a few days.

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3). Avoid Caffeine:

Caffeine found in coffee and tea plays a vital role in darkening of lips. So try to avoid taking strong tea and coffee.

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4). Keep away from Sun – Use Sunscreen Lip Balms:

This would definitely sound a bit weird and difficult to stay away from sun, but trust me most of the skin problems are caused to due direct contact with sun rays containing ultra violet radiations. Same is the case here, direct contact with sun rays can result into darkening of lips. So you must use a sunscreen lip balm while going outside to cover them with an invisible protective layer.


5). Do not Lick your Lips:

Most of us are habitual of licking are lips mostly in winters when they get dry. Doing so may give a soothing effect temporarily but results into even more adverse situation making them even drier and chapped. So, avoid licking them in order to keep them stay healthy, soft and to maintain their colour.

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6). Drink Plenty of Water:

The basic reason behind this issue is dehydration and lack of moisture. You can recover the loss by drinking at least 8 glasses of water on daily basis to nourish your skin cells and thus keep your lips moist, healthy and pink.

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7). Lemon Juice and Sugar:

Lemon juice rich in citric acid being a natural bleaching agent possesses extra ordinary capabilities of maintaining skin tone. The darker tone can be lightened in the best way by applying lemon juice and sugar. Take some lemon juice, mix a small amount of sugar in it and apply the mixture on your lips. This method will retain your lip colour.

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8). Sugar, Honey and Coconut Oil Paste:

Mix two tablespoons of sugar with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply the paste and rub for about 30 seconds. Wash away later with lukewarm water.

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9). Remove Your Make-up Properly before going to Bed:

One of the primary reasons for dark and chapped lips is the improper use of cosmetics. Many of us are sometimes too lazy to wash our face after applying layers of make-up. This can lead to dull and dark lips. Make sure to remove your make-up especially lipstick or lip-gloss completely with a cleanser before going to bed.

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10). Berry Paste:

Berries have proved to be very effective to exfoliate lips and maintain their tone. Especially strawberries and raspberries are very useful in this regard. All you need to do is make a berry paste and mix it with aloe Vera paste and honey. Apply the mixture on the specific area and keep for about 5 minutes. This would help them get a rosy pink or reddish colour.

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