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Stylish and Trendy Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2017-2018 for Henna Lovers

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The trend of applying Mehndi or Henna on hands, feet and arms has been followed since very old times. It is used not only to give an impressive and appealing look on events and occasions but also to get rid of warmth in hot summer days. In ancient times Henna was applied on hands, hair and feet palm for cooling effect. This approach is still followed in rural areas. The trend is very much famous in middle east specially Pakistan and India. Ladies apply mehndi on their hands and feet on occasions, festivals and ceremonies. We would love to share Pakistani mehndi designs in trendy styles today.

The concept of applying mehndi has a cultural as well as religious base in Pakistan. Muslim women also use it as a Sunnah, and love to decorate their hands with henna on religious occasions like Eids. Further, on weddings it is considered completely illogical to keep a bride’s hand’s deprived of henna.

A bride looks incomplete without having applied a wonderful mesh of floral mehndi pattern on her hands and feet. The dark red or maroon color that appears after washing the mehndi paste looks extremely beautiful and adds more to the glamour of the bride. It makes her look adorable and appealing. While making designs with henna, certain patterns are applied on desired area by the help of a cone shaped tube filled with henna paste. Amazing floral patterns are designed by pressing the cone, just like throwing chocolate on a cake.

Applying mehndi is a very interesting task. It is not as simple as it looks. Its an art and amazing skill being gifted by God to some people, while others learn to apply it with techniques. By the ever increasing trend of applying Henna, certain people have adopted it as a profession. In beauty salons, separate packages are being provided for bridal, party and Eid Mehndi designs. They often charge heavily even for simple designs as they know ladies would come to them as only a few are experts. In such circumstances it is strictly desired for everyone of you to learn applying it yourself. The first step of learning is to search out some neat and elegant patterns and try applying it by your own hand. This would make you perfect by time.

Pakistani mehndi designs

Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2017-2018 Images Gallery for girls:

Pakistani henna designs 2017-2018 with latest styles are all displayed here for you. It would be very helpful for you to try the wonderful designs yourself if you are given the patterns in pictures. So, we have added up a photo gallery here which covers a huge range of mehndi styles for you to practice them and decorate your hands and feet with a magical style.

Pakistani mehndi designs 2017-2018 are posted below. Check out the adorable designs and choose the most appropriate one for you just according to the event or occasion that you may be going to attend. If you have any ideas or self-created mehndi designs, feel free to share them with us. Leave your feedback about these styles in the comment section below. Keep visiting Stylesglamour Henna Designs Magazine for more styles of mehndi.

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