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Latest Wedding Wear Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses 2017-2018 Designs

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Wedding trends are something very important to be considered these days as everyone seems busy in designing new and trendy styles of branded and designer dresses which makes one feel the desire of wearing best ever outfits. If you are the bride to be in the upcoming days or years, then it’s high time for you to decide about the designing of your wedding outfits or your bridal joras. Since ages the style common as bridal wear in Pakistan and other regions of the Middle East is lehenga kurti or lehenga choli most often in red color. The same trend has been followed round the country for years. But now with certain changes in the fashion statements and wedding fashion, styles other than the traditional lehengas can also be seen including embroidered gowns, tailed frocks and pishwas etc. Similarly the traditional red color has also been replaced by other light colors especially for walima ceremonies. So here we are to present some trendy designs of Pakistani designer bridal dresses to help you get an idea about latest wedding wear trends in Pakistan.

On the wedding day when a bride has to compete even her own groom in her looks and dressing as well, something very special and unique is to be found by every girl so she may cast an everlasting impression on her in-laws and relatives beside the groom. Stylesglamour has been updating you about all the latest wedding fashion trends in the previous years and now for this years’ wedding fashion trends we are right back with the ever new designs and styles of bridal wear to give a magical essence to your wearables.

Bridal dresses to be worn on Barat day are of much more worth as compared to other functions as it is the leading and the main day when the bride has to face her groom, so she must look adorable that day. But this doesn’t mean that other functions can be taken for granted. The mehndi, walima and engagement brides also have to look beautiful in their own ways. We are pleased to unbind the very new styles and designs of bridal dresses for all these functions and make the new fashion forward ladies look gorgeous on their big days.

Royal White Colored Wedding dress

Embroidered Branded Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses 2017-2018 for Dulhans:

Designer bridal dresses 2017-2018 for Barat, Walima, Mehndi and Engagement ceremonies have been displayed in this article for you ladies to rock your big days with best ever looks to be delivered. If you wish to wear a designer wedding dress on your wedding day and you cannot afford buying one, then instead of paying a handsome amount for a heavily embellished bridal dress, you can design a similar one of your own by simply considering these designs which have been displayed here.

All these bridal suits have been taken from some designer galleries and have been designed according to latest trends of this year. Photo credits have been mentioned in these photos depicting the origin of these which are surely some very famous bridal salons like Natasha, Mariam’s bridal salon and Uzma’s bridal salon. A few shots have been taken from Umairish Signature Brides gallery.

Designer wedding dresses 2017-2018 of this collection will simply blow your minds and inspire you by their magical and glamorous styles. These beautiful embroideries, styles and designs in unique color combinations and contrasts can be copied on your own stuff. Have a look and share your feedback about these pretty Pakistani designer bridal dresses, in the comment box below. Stay connected with Stylesglamour Bridal Gallery for more wedding wear stuff.

Pakistani Designer Orange Bridal Dress

Designer Skin and Blue Bridal Dress

Designer Red plus purple Bridal Dress

Pakistani designer bridal dresses

Sharmila Farooqi in Golden Bridal Dress on Valima

Designer Light Orange Bridal Dress

Designer Pink Bridal Dress

Pakistani Designer Bridal Dresses at Telenor Bridal Couture Week

Designer fresh red Bridal Dress

Pakistani Designer Pink Bridal Dress by Elan

Designer Gold Red Bridal Dress

Sky Blue Bridal Dress

Pakistani Designer Skin Bridal Dress

Pakistani Designer Bridal Dress

Pakistani Designer traditional Bridal Dress

Designer light pink Bridal Dress

Pakistani Designer royal Bridal Dress

Designer Red and Green Bridal Dress

Designer Light green Bridal Dresses

Pakistani Designer Blue Royal Bridal Dresses

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