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How to Apply a Perfect Multi-Toned/ Ombre lipstick – Step by Step Tutorial

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The right lip is the right tip! So many parties and a single style of wearing makeup… Seriously, don’t you get bored of the customary plain way of applying lippies? I wonder how long women can stick to identical ideas, you know they can’t, right? Get a life… Play with the colours, highlight the shades, mix up the combinations, and add some glitters; that’s how you can replace the Stone Age trends with a stylish and trendy latest way to dazzle the world with an up to minute glamourous style! Fulfilling the earnest desire of change for the ladies over the globe, here is some informative stuff revealing a cool and classy makeover trend, The Multi toned or Ombre Lipstick Tutorial.

Ombre, in French means gradually fading colors which is the basic idea of this style but the enhancements have made the trends so vast that now you can use different variety of colors making an impact of gradually changing of tints. Multi-toned lips enhancement is practised in many different ways of sandwiching lighter shade in the darker making the edges of lips area coloured in darker tone and inner area in the other Or the vice versa;  And making a gradually fading or colour changing effect from either upper lip towards lower lip or from left to right of your mouth. some of these can give you a Barbie or a Diva look and some can bring out the funky side of you…New at trying these? Styles Glamour is gladly here to entertain you with a step by step tutorial for How to apply a perfect multi-toned/ Ombre lipstick perfectly! Simply follow the steps and keep scrolling…


OMBRE Lipstick Tutorial with Pictures – How to make OMBRE Lips:

Here is the very simple ombre lipstick tutorial with pictorial eleboration.

  • Your very first thing is to choose the colours, you can make them match your dresses or use the ones in accordance with the occasions.
  • Grab two, three or more shades you’re willing to frolic with and finalize about which one is going to be the outer, which would be next (if more than two) and inner, Or in the ombre style, decide the one to start from, next tone , and the one to end up on.
  • As the choice part is done, better to assist you more taking one way of making multi-tone. I here would prefer relate the gradually changing tint trend mixed up with the sandwiching thing to cover the whole style.
  • Cut off the rough! Use a mascara brush to remove the dead skin of your lips.
  • Apply Concealer as a base to make your lip-shades vibrant and long lasting.

Ombre-lips-tutorial (18)


  • Done with base, time to mingle up the tints! Start from the cupid bow using the darker one and draw a thick boundary in the way pictured below.

ombre lips tutorial


  • wow! you’ve done it splendidly… now continue the Ombre and grab the inner shade. Paste it on the upper lip inside the previously drawn lining.

ombre lipstick tutorial

  • paste and fill nicely the same or lighter shade over the inner area of pout.

How to make Ombre Lips

  • Perfect! now go for the last colour for outlining lower edge of your mouth, here Orange is used as in trends of this year orange has gain a great fame combined with pink. Further, blend the endings of every shade.
  • Final touch up! no lipstick can compete the glossy one… So add some shine with a gloss and you are ready to rule the world of fashion.

How to apply ombre lipstick

No don’t worry! I am not going to leave you with a single demonstration to hit your head on walls when you need more ideas, more combinations, more blends and more techniques of perfectly doing multiple coloured lipsticks. you can execute them in rainbow way and many others disclosed earlier. keeping the closer view through the beginner level steps, its time to serve you with a fine treasury of images of ombre lipstick tutorial guide for detailed and differentiated ideas and combinations. give glance at’em… have fun being adorable!


Ombre-lips-tutorial (1)

Ombre-lips-tutorial (1)

Ombre-lips-tutorial (2)

Ombre-lips-tutorial (2)

Ombre-lips-tutorial (3)

Ombre-lips-tutorial (4)

Ombre-lips-tutorial (5)

Ombre-lips-tutorial (12)


Ombre-lips-tutorial (15)

Ombre-lips-tutorial (11)

Ombre-lips-tutorial (17)

Ombre-lips-tutorial (10)

Ombre-lips-tutorial (14)

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