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Old Navy Autumn Winter Dresses 2017-2018 Collection for Women

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In the series of eminent fashion clothing lines, Old navy is one of a kind which stands out to be unique and distinctive for its amazing and fascinating designs. Winter wear fashion never got this much exciting as with the latest old navy winter collection.

Old Navy Winter Collection 2017 – Sweaters, Coats and Tops:

Old Navy Winter Collection 2016-2017 is worth watching. The whole range is full variant hues, pleated designs, cozy sweaters, flannel shirts and pretty dresses perfectly crafted to make your winter outlook exclusively alluring. Down here is a sneak peek of the latest old navy winter collection.

Neutral Fair Isle:

Fair Isle Crew neck sweater is perfect combo of black and white. It has beautiful white wavy patterns crafted over it around its white crew neck.

neutral fair isle by Old Navy Winter Collection 2016

Flannel panel shirt:

Flannel panel shirt is a great option to consider, for all the check print lovers. It is available in variety of different shades of pink with purple, white with pink, green and blues.

Old Navy flannel panel shirt for winters

Fuchsia Generation:

It covers the range of mock neck jackets which are extremely comfy to wear and goes with any top of your choice. These are comparatively light in weight, available in two other different shades of blue and red button.

fuschia generation jacket for winters 2016

High low Honeycomb Stitch Pullover:

Style is taken to the whole new level with this honeycomb sweater. This waist length masterpiece is great to wear with all kinds of bottoms and can be worn over any shirt or as a shirt itself.

high low honeycomb stitch pullover

Loose fit Cowl neck Sweater:

Cowl neck sweaters are definitely loved by all. Old navy has just made it more mesmerizing than ever before. These have smart looking front pockets which make it a must-have for all the girls out there. The loose fit keeps it comfy and easy to carry. Side zips are the most prominent feature of this sweater.

loose fit cowl neck fleece tunic sweater for ladies

Metallic Frost free vest:

The shimmers of metallic frost free vest will definitely spark your sight. The vest is available in metallic silver, which is best suited to wear on bold colors and flannel shirts.

metallic frost free vest for women

Printed Shift Dress:

One pretty dress to wear on fine winter evening is all a girl can ask for. Well! Here it is, a nice and gorgeous printed shift dress with ultra-amazing cuts and beautiful floral patterns all over it. With the dark base color this dress’s look is amplified to a greater extent.

Old Navy printed shift dress

Pintuck Swing Dress:

With its incredible fall and center waist pleats, Pintuck swing dress will create a magic in your outlook. Its ultraviolet shade makes it even more appealing and hard to resist. Other colors include carbon and Marion berry.

pintuck swing dress by Old Navy

Mock Neck frost Free Jacket:

Mock neck jackets are the most preferred choice for winter wear as it saves you from the harsh chills of the season. It is lightweight and classy at the same time. Front open zip, side pockets and length to the waist are the major features.

mock neck light weight frost free jacket

Sherpa Full Line Hoodie:

Winter is no winter, unless you get to wear your all-time favorite hoodie jacket. Yes! Keeping your preferences in mind old navy has also designed a range of Sherpa full line hoodie jackets with front zip, side pockets, warm collars and narrow sleeves.

sherpa full line hoodie for girls

Sequined Fair Isle:

This is kind of a refreshing treat for winter days, which bring more life to your wardrobe. Available in crimson red and crafted with multi-color patterns all around the neck gives it a nice regal touch. The comfort of the fabric material used will definitely bring the sigh of relief onto your face once you get your hands on it.

sequined fair isle sweater by Old Navy winter 2016 collection

Fair Multi-stripe:

A sweater with boosting hues and warmth is all a girl need to complete her winter wardrobe. Fair Isle Multi-stripe provides you a perfect option with its combination of blues with pink and purple. The sweater is designed with crew neck in white, making it more irresistible.

fair multistripe sweater by Old Navy

Classic Flannel shirt Jacket:

One of the greatest thing about flannel shirt is it gives extremely casual outlook and it is far easier to carry it. It gives you a classy chic outlook with the descent patterns designed over it. Collars with the front pockets and buttoned sleeves are must to try on.

classic flannel shirt for girls by Old Navy

Brush Stand Collar coat:

These collar coats are famous for their warm and cozy collars, which keep your neck saved from the winter chills. It is front open and available with elegant check or lined patterns over it. Its loose cuts enable it to carry it over any top type.

stylish red brush stand collar stand coat

Classic Plaid Flannel Shirt:

It’s casual but classic, plaid flannel shirts are somewhat more suitable to carry in your relaxing time, whenever you are out with friends and family.

classic flannel shirt jacket for women by Old Navy 2016

Pleated Tie Neck Swing dress:

This dress is the prettiest of all. Its mellow and soft color enhances the charms of your personality many times. The tie neck style is quite trendy while the pleats add an additional appeal to it.

pleated tie neck swing dress for winter 2016-2017

Fair isle Sweater:

It’s simple yet beautiful. If you love wearing light colors, then this is it. The combination of yellow with white would not get any cuter than this one over here. The patterns crafted in white highlight your shoulders and neck region.

bright yellow fair isle sweater

V Neck Double Sided Pleats:

Here is another great dress with wonderful pleats and fall. Its color looks more charming with the delicate and intricate floral pattern printed over it. Pleats are present on both the sides of the front to add volume of the flare at the bottom.

yellow double sided pleats winter dress

Pleated tie Neck:

Here comes another swing dress in the list which will mesmerize you with pretty floral patterns at the flares in the front. The pleats originate from the shoulders and opens up on the waist to create the perfect fall.

blue classic plaid winter shirt

Classic Plaid Shirt:

It is a nice formal shirt with rounded corners. Available in light indigo, this shirt is perfect wear with any kind of bottom. Its front pockets and stitch marks make it look more formal and classic.

pleated V neck style winter dress 2016 design by Old navy

So, how was the latest Old Navy Winter Collection for fall 2016? Let us know by your comments in the feedback section below. Grab this classy Fall Must Haves by visiting the brand’s official estore or the outlets. Stay tuned with StylesGlamour for more interesting winter fashion updates.

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