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Nisha by Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2017 Catalogue with Prices

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The charming winters are just about to reach your doorsteps with their pleasant and frosting mornings and chilly nights. Winter is certainly the most loved season of the year which is awaited by many not only for their charm but for the craze of buying new winter dresses. Women have always been observed to be more conscious about their clothing and keep on designing for their new outfits way before the season starts. As the season approaches all brands and designers launch their new fall collections. Currently almost all brands are busy in launching their new collections. The Nishat Winter Collection is also released a couple of days back.

Nisha is a label by Nishat Linen, one of the most famous and renowned name of Pakistani clothing industry. Nishat Linen entered into the fashion market in 1990 and has a good record of 24 years. The brand is well reputed nationwide and known well for it’s quality products, making itself a brand of preference. It deals in clothing and accessories for both genders with a label “Naqsh” for men and “Nisha” for women. We are delightful to unveil a fantastic array of dresses to you via this piece of writing. The overwhelming and prestigious designs offered by the brand will surely help you wear a perfect style this season.

Nishat Winter Collection 2016-2017 Unstitched Winter Suits:

Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2016-2017 by Nisha is a mind blowing assortment offering fantastic designs and prints of winter suits for women. This collection line has been flavoured with pretty winter hues grabbing everyone’s attention.

Bright and vibrant hues along with charming prints on quality fabric are adding a true glamour and style to these dresses. If you are searching for a perfect fall dress that fits perfectly within the latest trends, then this assortment can help you find one. The following photo gallery contains HD pictures of these new arrivals. Have a look at these cool winter wears by Nishat Winter Collection and opt for the best ones.

Grey Printed Karandi Winter Dress by Nishat:

This three piece printed Karandi suit by Nishat is complemented with a dyed karandi trouser along with a printed woolen and silk shawl. The matchless combination of green and grey makes this outfit a Winter Must Have worth 5,550 rupees only.

nishat winter collection 2016

5,550/- PKR

Yellow Printed Karandi Dress with Pink Contrast:

Yellow looks amazingly cute when complemented with the shocking shade of pink. This fresh yellow shaded shirt in karandi has been adorned with a pretty woolen shawl having pink borders and a dyed trouser.

nishat karandi winter designs 2016

3,900/- PKR

Nishat Linen Black winter dress:

This black printed linen shirt with blue diamond shaped prints is a masterpiece by Nishat this season. It has a combination of a dyed linen trouser and a printed linen dupatta.

nishat black linen dress 2016

2,550/- PKR

Yellow Linen Shirt with Blue Dupatta:

This beautiful yellow printed linen shirt with a dyed linen shalwar and viscose dupatta is a perfect wardrobe solution for fall winter 2016.

Nishat Yellow linen shirt with blue shawl

2,550/- PKR

Embroidered Linen Winter Suit by Nishat:

Nishat’s pink printed linen shirt with embroidered motif on neckline with viscose trouser and woollen pashmina shawl is a smart pick from the entire Nishat Winter Linen Range.

Nishat Embroidered Linen Winter Dress 2016

5,300/- PKR

Printed Shirt with Bright Yellow Woollen Shawl:

This classy orange printed shirt in karandi stuff has a dyed trouser along with a woolen shawl in a fresh bright floral shawl. It would cost you 3,900/- PKR.

nishat bright yellow winter dress 2016

3,900/- PKR

Red Black Pashmina Shawl Winter Suit:

Nishat Linen Pashmina Shawl winter line is brightened with this beautiful red and black karandi suit. It is available in just 5,200 rupees.

bright black and red winter suit by Nishat

5,200/- PKR

Red and Black Linen Shirt with Pashmina Shawl:

Red and black combination is always classy. The linen series by Nishat is overflowing with glorious designs. One of the cutest designs of the assortment is just displayed below with a warm Pashmina Shawl.

nishat red and black linen suit with pashmina shawl

4,850/- PKR

Nishat Black and White Printed Khaddar Shirt:

This black and white contrast of printed khaddar winter shirt with a khaddar trouser is full of magical flavours. It is worth One Thousand Seven Hundred and fifty rupees only.

nishat printed khaddar winter shirt 2016

1,750/- PKR

Skin Colored Floral Kameez with Colorful Shawl:

This pretty light shaded karandi shirt bears a charismatic essence with its floral printed wool and Viscose shawl.

Nishat Linen Skin winter dress 2016

3,900/- PKR

Nishat Green Printed Linen Winter Dress:

Printed linen is another trendy stuff common this winter season. Nishat has also introduced a variety of printed linen suits in it’s new winter line. The following one is a perfect choice of 3 piece linen dress for ladies who love this stuff as a winter wear.

nishat printed linen winter dress 2016

2,550/- PKR

Purple Maroon 2 Piece Royal Linen Dress:

This is the royal article of the series, available in a very reasonable price range of 1,850 rupees. The very classy shade of purple makes this two piece linen dress a royal outfit for ladies who love to wear the dresses with class.

purple linen dress with viscose dupatta

1,850/- PKR

Nishat Linen Black Winter Suit With Multi-colored print:

Black looks stunning when designed with colorful prints of bright shades. The following colorful printed black karandi winter dress by Nishat would cost you only 3,900/- PKR.

Black karandi multi-colored winter dress by nishat

3,900/- PKR

Nishat Linen Pink and Green Winter Outfit:

This is one of the best color combinations of the winter series. The bright green being paired up with shocking pink is all enough to excite the fashion loving lasses.

shocking pink and yellow linen winter dress 2016

1,850/- PKR

Embroidered Linen Shirt With Woollen Silk Shawl:

This simple yet classy article of the the Nisha linen assortment is a Winter Must Have. Grab it now from the Nishat Winter Collection 2016 available at all leading stores or shop online from the Nishat Linen estore.

nishat linen winter embroidered suit 2016

6,200/- PKR

Nishat Black & Brown Karandi Winter Outfit:

This karandi dress with light and dark combination of brown along with black print is a fabulous design of Nishat Winter Collection 2016.

brown karandi dress 2016 by Nishat Linen

5,200/- PKR

Black and Red Karandi Suit with Pashmina Shawl:

This karandi suit with Pashmina shawl is all what you may need to update your winter closet.

three piece pashmina shawl karandi suit by Nishat

5,200/- PKR

Shocking Pink Linen Outfit by Nishat:

This shocking pink printed linen dress by Nishat is a adorned with a traditional print in yellow and blue shades. You may get it now on the Nishat Linen estore.

shocking pink linen suit by Nishat

2,700/- PKR

Elegant Off-white Dress with Red Print:

Off-white colored linen suit by Nishat just displayed right below is embellished with pretty dark red print on sleeves. Buy it today in just 2700 rupees.

off-white linen shirt with red shawl by Nishat

2,700/- PKR

Nishat Linen Blue Winter Floral Dress:

This Royal blue floral printed linen winter dress by Nishat is a worth having fall outfit for ladies. It is available in an exciting price of Two Thousand and Seven hundred rupees.

nisha nishat blue floral linen shirt

2,700/- PKR

Let us know about your views on the Nishat Winter Collection 2016. Simply leave a comment in the feedback section below. Stay connected with Stylesglamour Winter Fashion Alert for more fashion updates.

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