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Nishat Linen- The Fashion House and Home Linen Designer Brand Pakistan Profile

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The world has now turned out to be a global village where everyone trusts the brands and spends for brands; none of the other is relied upon. People long for the trendy designer wear and spend on quality products that are worth spending. It’s not only the names of such tags that has gain fame but the trend of using branded stuff has caught fire because people want what stays good for long; say you bought a shirt and after washing it twice it shows a faded color, would you buy such thing again ? Of course not! This is the reason why men and women around the world are moving towards well reputed tags. Even in Pakistan, it’s now an era of fashion designing and brand consciousness as well.  Many of the designers and fashion brands are working in Pakistan to make clothing, accessories, home decorations, shoes, and lots of other stuff for daily life. When working hard for designing for homes, men, women, and kids is discussed, a well reputed perfectionist tag pops in; namely Nishat Linen fashion brand.

Nishat Linen Fashion Brand – The Best Pakistani Clothing Brand:

Originated as Nishat Textile Mills in 1995, it has now become the leading textile and home linen retailers of Pakistan as Nishat Linen; and has settled an example of delivering quality products every time. The Tag has more than 72 outlets operational in almost all of the cities of Pakistan now and has other worldwide reach as well having stores in Saudi Arabia, Canada, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. A more ease that has currently become the need and trend, is the online stores of such tags. Many of the fashion designers have provided it now but NL has provided this facility since no one else had which makes another distinction. Working in the domain of designing for years now, NL still retains the fame and reputation that it had in the past; and even more than that as this era is more concerned with fashion designing so we can say that no competitor could let the name down till now.

Let’s come up to what extent the name is serving us all. Well, you look it up for clothing, you’ll be at the right place; you look it up for home accessories and bedding, you’ll find the best of those at NL; you’re looking for the accessories, shoes, and bags, you’ll then be at the top attractive, chic, and classy collections as well. The categories available at Nishat designs include home apparel named as home linen; Clothing arrays named as Nisha, Naqsh prêt, and NL Kids; and Shoes, Bags, and accessories under the label fashion. The label “Nisha” has girly feminine three piece, two piece suits, shirts, bottoms, and tunics while prêt is formed by formal evening or party wear attires. The Category “Naqsh” has men apparel, decent and sophisticated. Home linen holds bedding and other home accessories. And the wraps, shawls, sweaters, Shoes, Bags, jewelry, and other accessories are assembled under the tag, “Fashion” at the brands website and online store.

NISHAT LINEN has re-sketched the boundaries of fashion and quality with unique style and extreme hard work over the rich fabrics and chic as well as sophisticated designs. The color of east well transformed in high end collections with a perfection and sophistication can be fairly seen in whatever is released or found at the Fashion and Home Linen Designer Brand, Nishat! Stay connected with Stylesglamour Fashion Designer Gallery for latest updates about fashion designers and fashion brands.

Some Creations by NISHAT LINEN

Nishat Kids’ wear

nishat linen fashion brand

Nisha by Nishat Linen Fashion Barnd Pakistan

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (18)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (11)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (27)

Nishat Pret wear

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (23)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (24)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (7)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (10)

Nishat Linen Home Fabrics

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (2)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (9)

Nishat Casual Wear

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (25)
Nishat-Linen-Fashion (15)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (20)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (21)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (22)

Nishat Menswear

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (19)

Celebrities Spotted wearing Nishat.
Nishat-Linen-Fashion (12)
Nishat-Linen-Fashion (1)

 Nishat Linen Fashion brand Accessories, Clutches and Bags.

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (3)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (4)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (5)

Nishat-Linen-Fashion (6)

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