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The Best Wedding Venues in New Jersey

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For the year 2017, statistics show that there were 5.5 marriages per 1,000 residents of New Jersey. Even today, more romantic partners are deciding to tie the knot. Therefore, it is not surprising that more engaged couples are searching for the best wedding venues New Jersey.

Where are the best places to get married in New Jersey?

New Jersey has various beautiful spots to hold memorable weddings.

New Jersey Wedding Venues

The northeast portion of New Jersey is closest to Manhattan, while the northwest is more rural, with its nearby mountains and forests. The Jersey shore, located in the southern portion, is beside the ocean.

Thus, engaged couples can decide on having a formal wedding or a more casual outdoor wedding. It all depends on the budget, guest count, and wedding date.

Trends show that the most popular venues for weddings are Newark, Paterson, and Princeton.

Newark is the preferred choice for high-end weddings. Its proximity to New York City (NYC) gives couples more options in choosing photographers, salons, and florists.

Couples who prefer nature-themed weddings choose Paterson. Being a melting pot of different cultures, Paterson is a natural choice for non-traditional couples.

Princeton, however, is the best choice if the couple has many guests traveling from surrounding states. Located between Philadelphia and NYC, Princeton’s accessibility makes it ideal for families to gather together for the memorable event.

What are the different kinds of wedding venues?

Aside from choosing the city to hold the wedding, engaged couples need to decide on their preferred wedding venue. Here are some options.

The Best New Jersey Wedding Venues

House of worship

Religious couples may choose to have a traditional wedding. Some houses of worship have available space for receptions. For interfaith couples, they may decide to celebrate in two best wedding venues in New Jersey.


For some modern couples, hotel ballrooms may be preferable. Hotels have the advantage of hosting wedding guests who have come in from out-of-town. There is no need to travel. Family and friends meet in one place for rehearsals and pre-wedding meet-ups.

Banquet Halls

If the headcount is significant, a banquet hall may be a better choice than a hotel. It is also a one-stop-shop.

Farm or Barn Weddings

Couples who prefer a rustic vibe can choose a farm/barn wedding. Imagine fairy lights in a vintage wooden barn where guests are seated in long barn-board harvest tables. Everyone will enjoy a unique experience.

Vineyards and Wineries

Wine lovers may want to get married in their favorite vineyard. Aside from being the source of great-tasting wines, vineyards provide amazing backdrops for wedding photos.

Parks and Gardens

Getting married in a park or garden is very refreshing. A naturally beautiful environment will not require many decorations.


For smaller, intimate weddings, restaurants are the obvious choice for budget-conscious couples.

Lofts/Modern Space

Creative couples are choosing to get married in a loft or industrial-chic wedding venue. The full, vast space is the perfect way to personalize the wedding.

Since busy couples may be too busy to visit these venues, some sites offer virtual 360 views of the best wedding venues in New Jersey.

Getting married is a critical decision, and so is the choice of a wedding venue. Although weddings may not turn out perfect, the site will always bring back special memories to the married couple.

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