Moncler Chic Autumn Winter Dresses 2017 Collection for Men

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This winter be thrilled with the latest fashion outburst by one of the finest French clothing line, Moncler. The brand has made its name in the market through the series of men’s and womenswear along with accessories. Founded in 1952, the company has established solid grounds which roots deeply into the industry. The diversity in styles is greatly reflected through the number of apparels designed for each season. This winter, you are also going to have a world full of options with latest Moncler winter collection. All the men out there, grab the chance to have a glance over the exciting new designs of Moncler’s sweatshirts, sweaters, parkas, jackets.

For the men who have always been in search of stylish and chic outfits to wear in all seasons, this stunning assortment by Moncler is the perfect array with lots of winter designs to give a new flavour to their winter wardrobes. So if you belong to that class of people then feel free to explore this range and make it a part of your closet this winter.

Moncler Winter Collection 2017 with Stylish Winter Outfits for Men:

Moncler Winter 2016-2017 Collection is adorned with a variety of menswear winter jackets, coats and sweaters along with stylish fall suits stitched neatly. If you are in search of an adorable winter dress then have a look at this classy range of outfits and buy the ones you love among these.

  1. LIORAN:

For extreme chills of the winter, this red lioran is perfect for covering your neck and can keep you warm enough. It’s light in weight and can be paired with crew-neck sweaters to wear inside.

Moncler winter crew neck jacket


Another great option for carrying out in extreme winters, is Cousteau. The wrap around the neck is warm and light while the entire jacket is double layered, lined with fur from the inside.

Moncler double layered winter jacket


One decent piece of apparel, quite suitable for casual events. The sweater is all lined in red and white with warm polo neck and full sleeves. It comes with the matching scarf and knit hat.

Moncler Polo Neck red sweater with muffler and cap


Available in two separate combination of blue and black, this jacket is a combination of fur inserts and tough water repellent material. The fur lining around the hood is detachable which makes it comfy to carry in style you desire.

Moncler comfy fur jacket for winter

  1. MAYA:

The jacket is made all out of Lacquered Nylon stuffed with light weight fur inside. The hood is detachable and there are side pockets available with the logged buttons. This jacket is available in four different shades of colors i.e. maroon, emerald green, dark blue and blue.

Moncler blue thick winter jacket for men


This is lovely crewneck sweater with full length sleeves and series of knit patterns is a must have for those who always look for something classic and elegant. The colors of patterns over the brown base highlights the neck area is a balanced manner.

Moncler crew-neck printed winter sweater

  1. BRIQUE:

With the detachable hood this is another style to carry warm lacquered nylon stuffed with fur. Available in contrasting shades of yellow and black, the jacket padded inside and outside is covered with water repellent and soft to touch nylon.

Moncler Autumn Winter warm yellow jacket

  1. AVORD:

This sleeveless padded jacket is perfect to carry over decent sweatshirts. Pairing black with white lined sweatshirt is a must to try. The neck is lined from inside making it warm around the area.

Moncler sleeveless fur leather jacket for men

  1. LAREDO:

It’s a double layered light weight jacket with inside fur lining with leather on outside and padded nylon sleeves. Pockets are crafted in the front with logged buttons.

Moncler doubled layered light weight winter jacket


It’s comparatively quite fresh and lovely in its outlook. The light grey color coupled with red and black patches in front complements the shirt in a decent way.

Moncler Autumn Winter sweatshirt with red, black and white patches


The sweatshirt is unique in its pattern of check and the selection of palette used to design the check print. Intricate patterns are designed on front while the sleeves are plain and simple in dark blue.

Moncler Winter crewneck check sweatshirt

  1. RONIER:

Ronier is a perfect camouflage jacket for extreme winters, it has a detachable hood with faux fur lining at the border of it. The front is open with side pockets and additional pockets are given at the side of the sleeves.

winter detachable hood with faux fur lining


Military is so becoming the style of the day. The jacket is covered with camo print all over it with side pockets and detachable hood. Two pockets are designed on the upper front while lower side pockets are aided with metallic zippers.

Military pattern winter jacket by Moncler


This Ronier style is paired with faux fur in the hood. While the outside is covered with shinny water repellent material in shades of green mixed with grey.

Moncler jacket with faux fur hood for winter


Combination of fleece with nylon and leather all packed into one gives you Delagrance. It has appealing set of hues including green, cream and leather brown. Pockets are designed in brown while there is also a detachable hood.

Moncler Winter sweater with detachable hood

  1. LAREDO:

Here is a combination of leather with padded nylon in sleeves. Front open with large size front pockets go perfectly with the fleeced collar at the top.

moncler brown leather jacket with nylon sleeves

  1. ROD:

It’s a lovely balance of black with white in a thin striped design. The sweatshirt is available with matching black bottom and a matching knitted hat.

Moncler black and white stripped sweatshirt

  1. RAFTON:

It is long black stuffed jacket with a detachable neck wrap line inside with warm soft fleece in shades of off white. The sleeves are also lined internally.

Moncler black stuffed jacket with detachable neck wrap


It is a decent front open hooded jacket in blue. The jacket is aided with side pockets.

Moncler Winter front open hooded jacket

  1. TIB:

Let us wind-up the Moncler Winter Series with this lovely emerald green padded jacket without sleeves. With stand collar and front open style the jacket is perfect to carry with sweatshirts.

Moncler emerald green sleeveless winter jacket

Leave your feedback about the Moncler Winter Series displayed above, by writing comments in the comment box. In order to purchase these apparels, visit the Moncler online store or the leading Moncler outlets. For more collections and winter fashion updates, visit our Winter Trends Gallery.

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