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How to do Manicure and Pedicure at Home? – Pedicure Manicure Tutorial

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Love to have white, clean and pretty nails? Want to have them clean all the time? We are sharing with you some tips and tricks to have those pretty and clean nails all the time easily at home. Do your manicure and pedicure yourself at home, inexpensively without wasting any money and time. This is an easy Manicure Pedicure tutorial to have nails cleaned at home, will take only a few minutes.

Manicure and Pedicure are very important not only for having glowing nails but also for soft, smooth and pretty hands and feet. These are practiced by almost every lady on the planet who cares about her beauty and fitness. In addition to being a beauty task, manicure and pedicure are also practised as health care activities worldwide as dirty hands and feet contribute to very poor hygienic conditions and ultimately to serious diseases and disorders. So, we as health and beauty experts would suggest you to do your own manicure and pedicure yourself at least once a month for more reliable results, instead of relying on someone else for this very purpose.

However, excess of everything is bad. How often you require Manicure depends upon the type of work you do with your hands and how much your hands get dirty. It also depends on your nails’ growth and health. So it’s better to decide by yourself when you need to do manicure. This piece of writing will help you do it in an easy and inexpensive way so you may save your money for some good purpose instead of wasting it on salons.

This is something you can easily do at home and feel comfortable doing so. We have always been sharing with you beauty tips with a special focus on organic things rather than toxic chemicals which are injurious to your skin or body in one way or other. So the manicure pedicure tutorial just compiled in this session for you will also be covering natural ingredients to give you the maximum benefit and minimal or in fact no side effects.

step by step manicure pedicure tutorial

Manicure Pedicure Tutorial – How to do Pedicure & Manicure at Home?

In the following section we will dispatch a very simple and easy way with you people to do your own manicure and pedicure at home without consulting any beautician or visiting any salon or a beauty parlor. All you need to do is follow some very simple steps and you will be done with a perfect manicure at home. So, surely you are simply a few steps away from having beautiful hands and feet with pretty nails adding to the beauty of your body.

How to do Manicure at Home?

  • The very first step that you need to take for a perfect start is remove your nail polish, if any, to make your nails look clean.

removing nail polish from nails

  • After fully removing the nail paint, remove dead cuticles grown on your nails. Better use a cuticle cream, as it helps remove cuticles faster.

removing cuticle using cuticle cream

  • Now remove the dead skin cells around cuticles and nails.

removing cuticle from nails

  • Shape your nails into the desired shape.

shapping nails using a nail clipper

  • After a perfect shape has been made, apply soothing lotion.

applying soothing lotion on nails

  • Scrub your nails with a scrubber to further remove dead layers from your nails.

scrubbing nails

  • Apply vaseline for smoothness and shiny appearance.

applying vaseline on nails of hands

  • Wash your hands in lukewarm water in a bowl.

washing nails in a bowl of water

  • Use a cotton cloth to clean dry your hands.
  • Apply Sally Hansen nail growth or any other nail growth of your choice for nail growth treatment as the base coat.

nail growth treatment

  • Apply two coats of your favourite colored nail polish. Make sure to apply the second coat after the first one dries completely.

applying coats of nail paint on nails of hands

  • Apply top coat finally.
  • Your home-made easy and fast manicure is all done. Enjoy your clean white nails.


clean nails after manicure

How to do Pedicure at Home?

Steps for pedicure are almost same as for a manicure.

  • Remove your nail polish with cotton pad.

removing nail paint from feet nails

  • Take some warm water in a pedicure tub, add shampoo of your choice and herbal essence shampoo.
  • Soak your feet in water and relax for about 10 minutes. It will remove all the dirt that may have built up and will also soften your cuticles.

soak feet in shampoo water tub for pedicure

  • Gently rub your feet for more cleaning.
  • Take a cuticle stick, clean your over builded cuticles gently by pushing them back.
  • Next, by using a cuticle stick clean all the dead cells and dirt from your nails. Clean the nails from the under side.

removing cuticles around nails of the feet

  • By using nail clipper, trim your nails as per the shape you like. It could  be round or square.

trimming nails with a nail clipper

  • By using a cuticle trimmer cut out dead skin from around the nails.
  • Take a puffing file and smooth out the skin around your nails.
  • Apply any soothing cream or vaseline to soften your skin further.

applying vaseline on feet nails

  • Again soak feet in water for a few minutes.
  • Scrubbing your feet for some time will remove all dried skin.

scrubbing feet with a scrubber

  • Again dip feet into water in a tub.

soaking feet in water tub for pedicure

  • Then make a DIY scrubber. Take some sugar and add a few drops of lemon into it. Use this scrubber, rub your feet gently. This will exfoliate your feet further. Lemon will brighten your skin and sugar removes dead cells.

nail scrubber using lemon and sugar

  • Wash your feet and dry them with a towel.
  • Apply soothing oil and rub it with a cotton pad. This will moisturises your nails.
  • Apply body lotion onto feet and massage for a few minutes until absorbed.

applying soothing oil on feet and nails

  • Now start applying nail polish of your own choice.

applying nail paint on feet nails

You are all done with a perfect pedicure. Time to enjoy a perfect look of your feet.

beautiful feet after pedicure

We hope you like this Manicure Pedicure Tutorial. If you find it useful then do share your views with us about this simple Manicure Pedicure Tutorial in the comment section below. Your feedback will be highly appreciated. Keep visiting Our Beauty Tips Gallery for more exciting beauty hacks and tutorials that might change your life.

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