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Madame Exclusive Autumn Winter Dress Designs 2017 for Ladies

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The winter fashion is never hard to adopt. It is far more interesting as compared to summer fashion. There are a lot of styles to wear in winters like long and short coats, sweatshirts, jackets which look classy and cool. So many branded collections have already been shared with you in our winter fashion section with a lot of trendy winter styles and outfits, and a few are still pending to be displayed. Let us move towards one of the finest fall assortment of the season by Madame as the Madame Winter Series 2016-17.

Madame stepped into the fashion world back in 80’s, where it had emerged as the exclusive female clothing line. Facing many challenges in the later years, the company established its ground in the fashion arena of the world. It stood victorious by modernizing the traditional knit wear style and introduced a whole new concept of outerwear. Madame also managed to satisfy its customers and sellers from around the world, not only through its fine quality and exceptional designs but also with excellent customer relation services. And today it has surely reached deep into the hearts of its customer.

Whether it is a summer array or winter assortment, all the Madame collections are liked and appreciated equally round the globe. The New Arrivals for this fall season would surely surprise you by their chic styles and designs, so get ready to wear a class this winter with these outclass Madame Winter classics.

Madame Winter Jackets, Coats and Sweatshirts 2017 Designs for Ladies:

Well without any further delay, it’s time to crack into the latest insights regarding the Madame Winter Collection 2017, the one we all have been waiting for, quite anxiously. Now the wait is over, hit scroll and find out about latest of all the masterpieces designed under the label “Madame.”

1. Mini blue blazer:

Outerwear at its level of sophistication takes you to this blue cool waist length jacket. It has diagonal zipped front and visible waist side blue zips.

Madame royal blue mini blazer

2. Blue Dotted Sweatshirt:

Pretty blue dotted sweatshirt is a new treat for the season. It’s comfy with the slim fit, great to wear with jeans.

Madame royal blue dotted sweatshirt

3. Tan peanut coat:

Bold and classic, tan peanut coat is a medium long outerwear with the fused side pockets and warm stand collars.

Madame Winter tan peanut coat

4. Green Check Coat:

Broad check print will boost your mood with the combination of hues in blues and greens. Its typical coat collar and prominent collars makes it look quite trendy and casual.

Madame green Winter check coat

5. Pink hooded jacket:

Wool lined pink jacket will blow your mind with its charms and decent text prints. Its trendy side pockets and hood will make fall for this outfit.

Madame beautiful pink hooded Winter jacket

6. Black Jacket with detachable hood:

This hood jacket is quite unique in the ways it is designed because of the detachable fur hood, front waist belt and additional neck collar.

Madame black Winter jacket with detachable hood

7. Medium Long Fleece coat:

If you care to change your taste for the season, this coat would be perfect. Its mild yellow with medium length and stand collar.

Madame Autumn Winter medium long fleece coat

8. Waist belt white coat:

Its neck design is pretty unique for the day moreover the easy wrap with the belt gives all the comfort when you carry it.

Madame white waist belt winter coat

9. Fur Coat:

Here is a fur coat with detachable hood and prominent black belt. All in black gives this jacket a bold and tempting outlook. Wraps around the sleeves are designed to complement the waist belt.

Madame black fur coat for winters

10. Grey Mini Sweater:

This grey wool will make you go crazy with all its warmth and comfort. Your chills will get some thrills with this cozy outfit.

Madame Autumn Winter grey mini sweater

11. Detachable leather waist jacket:

If you are a great fan of leather jackets then this might be a good option to consider, as it has the detachable leather waist. The combination of grey wool and black leather creates an amazing contrast.

Madame Autumn Winter leather waist jacket

12. Stuffed full sleeved Jacket:

For people living in extreme cold areas, this outerwear is perfect to carry around as it is heavily stuffed and lined with wool. Moreover its wrap around the neck keeps you all warm.

Madame winter stuffed full sleeved coat for ladies

13. Medium long black coat:

This black beauty is patched with leather around the shoulders. The shiny buttons used are tastefully complementing the glare of the lovely leather.

Madame Winter medium black long coat

14. Half leather coat:

It is mix of leather with wool fleece. Hence warmer than any other from the collection. Pockets are fused below the belt with the round edge flaps.

winter half leather coat by Madame

15. Camel Brown A-line coat:

Decent brown wool fleece coat is good choice for the season. It has extremely decent layout all because of its round neck and rectangular studs.

Madame camel brown A-line coat for women

16. Shoulder Padded black coat:

It’s a pure fashion marvel in black. The front is sealed with metal hooks and leather patches while the stand collar is complementing the shoulder flaps.

Madame jet black shoulder padded winter coat

17. Mini White jacket:

A little dash of style mixed with elegant cuts is what makes this jacket fantabulous. Divided into grey and white leather patches, this jacket gives you a perfect chic outlook.

Madame mini white jacket for ladies

18. Knit Sweater:

It’s a mixed knit wool sweater in pretty brown. The sleeves are fit to the size while the front is open and tucked with inner buttons.

Madame skin brown knit sweater

19. Knit style Poncho:

It’s a classic winter warmer. The white and black poncho is styled with dotted knit patterns. The black border is giving the apparel a fine finish.

Madame White knit style poncho with black border

20. Half and half caramel Coat:

One delightful feature of this caramel coat is the studded stand collar. It A-line around the bottom with below waist fused hand pockets. The waist is crafted with visible flaps.

Madame Winter half and half caramel coat

Leave your feedback about this dazzling Madame Winter Series in our comment section below. If you wish to buy any of these beautiful winter dresses, visit the official Madame eStore or it’s leading outlets. Stay connected with Stylesglamour Winter Arrivals for more branded fall collections from all over the world.

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