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Top Ten Worst and Best Dressed Celebrities at 14th Lux Style Awards

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The most awaited event of the season, Lux Style Awards has just been on aired a couple of days back. This grand show has been coming up with so many teasers making people wait anxiously for it to be on aired and win the chance to meet their favourite celebrities and see them in beautiful attires.

The dressing of celebrities has always been the hottest news in showbiz and certainly one of the most searched topics on the web, which has found to be even more important and interesting than who has won the awards. Keeping into view this fact, we have just decided to update you about the dressing and fashion sense of your favourite celebrates which they have just shown on this mega event sponsored by Lux. Although everyone has freedom to wear what he or she wants to, but for the celebrities it’s not that easy to go with their fashion sense. They have to be a bit more conscious about what to wear because people expect them to wear the very perfect and accurate fashion dresses which must suit them in any way. In the 14th Lux Style awards, many celebrities have come forward with a very graceful and elegant look while others have disappointed their fans and public by their weird and vulgar dressing. Let us show you how they have been attired on the mega event.

Lux Style Awards

Top 10 Best & Worst Dressed Celebrities at Lux Style Awards 2015-2016:

Here is the hit list of a few best dressed and some worst dressed actors and actresses at LSA Lux Style Awards.

Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at Lux Style Awards:

10. Amna Ilyas
Amna Ilyas looked pretty cool in classy shimmery black outfit.

Top-10-Best-Dressed-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (9)

9. Syra Yousuf
Syra sheroz, one of the prettiest Pakistani TV actresses looked really cute in maroon velvet outfit.

Syra Shehroz in velvet outfit at Lux Style Awards

8. Vaneeza Ahmed
The fashion designer Vaneeza was looking pretty in the stylish lace frock.

Top-10-Best-Dressed-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (10)

7. Farhan Sayeed
The popular singer Farhan Sayeed delivered a fabulous look in black dress.Farhan Sayeed at Lux Style Awards

6. Hamza Ali Abbasi
Hamza as usual carried the handsome and stylish look in himself. He has proved himself by winning the award of BEST TV ACTOR for PYARE AFZAL at LSA.

Hamza Ali Abbasi at Lux Style Awards

5. Ali Zafar
This is none other than Ali Zafar with his wife. The popular Pakistani singer looked amazingly hansom in black pant coat.

Top-10-Best-Dressed-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (4)

4. Saba Hameed
In the list of most elegant ladies of showbiz, one must not forget to mention Saba Hameed, who had dressed up very gracefully at the event.

Top-10-Best-Dressed-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (7)

3. Mahira Khan:
Mahira, the beauty queen has come forward with three different looks. All have equally suite her according to her personality. However her hairstyle seems a bit weird.

Top-10-Best-Dressed-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (1)

2. Fawad Khan:
The most handsome and popular Pakistani TV actor Fawad was looking stunning in maroon jacket.

Top-10-Best-Dressed-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (5)
1. Ayeza Khan:
The Pakistani Diva Ayeza Khan has never disappointed her fans and this time she has again stepped forward to win a million hearts by her extremely elegant look at the award show. She has won the award of BEST TV ACTRESS for PYARE AFZAL at Lux Style Awards.

Top-10-Best-Dressed-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (3)Top-10-Best-Dressed-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (2)
Top 10 Worst Dressed Celebrities at Lux Style Awards:

10. Sarwat Gilani
Sarwat looks pretty good and fine in light colors and makeover, but the black outfit along with a very dark make-up had given her a weird look.

Top-10-Worst-Dresses-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (7)

9. Moammar Rana
The outfit that moammar had chosen for the event was alright, except the very deep neckline.

Top-10-Worst-Dresses-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (2)

8. Tapu Javeri
The dress was not bad overall, but nobody knows what the logic of this red rose printed tie was?

Top-10-Worst-Dresses-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (5)

7. Meera
The dress Meera had chosen for the event was pretty cool but it didn’t suite her according to her personality. I am afraid not to post the picture here.

6. Mohsin Ali Tawasuli
His maroon jacket with red and blue contrast makes no sense.

Top-10-Worst-Dresses-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (3)

5. Ali Xeeshan
This fashion designer has really surprised the public by his inappropriate dressing which doesn’t fit in any way into summer fashion. I wonder why nobody else could find it that cold that day.

Top-10-Worst-Dresses-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (1)

4. Waqar Zaka
Waqar Zaka has been spotted wearing a really awkward multi colored dress on the event.

Top-10-Worst-Dresses-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (4)

3. Unknown
This guy spotted on the event looked extremely awkward in his girlie look.

Top-10-Worst-Dresses-Celebrities-at-Lux-Style-Awards (6)
2. Ayesha Omer
Ayesha’s dress was fine but very exposed which has disappointed her fans. I am afraid not to post the picture here.

1. Nadia Hussain
Nadia has really disappointed her fans by her weird and exposed dress in a very strange shade of orange. I am afraid not to post her picture here.

This is all about showbiz and celebrity fashion today. Do not forget to share your views about the dressing of your favourite stars and celebrities in the following comment section. For more fashion updates, keep visiting Stylesglamour Celebrity Fashion Gallery.

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