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Best Natural Tips to get Long Eyelashes Naturally at Home DIY

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People have different standards of beauty but longer and thicker eyelashes are cherished and loved by all and add a natural beauty to the face. Many girls grumble for their shorter lashes because it is a hereditary factor and also some lose their lashes because of any disease, pregnancy, mal-nutrition and age as well. But they can be grown to a greater extent by some natural ways without going for the artificial ones which are both hard to set and need to be applied every time, also the non-natural products cause damage to the natural lashes. You might be looking for some longer eyelashes tips with no side effects. This post will surely help you find somthing intersting.

Although there are many eyelash enhancers and serums available in market of the top brands of the world, but always prefer using the natural things as they cause no side effect. But the upshot of these nature based things are found to be different on different people.

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Longer Eyelashes Tips – How to get Long Eyelashes:

Try out these longer eyelashes tips and look all the more amiable and magnetic with long lasting effects!

  1. Olive oil

Being famous for the hair growth as it is rich in vitamin E and oleic acid, it is a good remedy for the lashes as well. Apply it on your lashes with the mascara wand overnight and wash off in the morning with the lukewarm water.


  1. Castor oil:

A famous solution that is known by our desi aunties as it really works! It adds volume and luster to lashes within weeks. It could be applied both solely or can be amalgamated with some other stuff like aloe-vera etc. You can make a serum as well:

  • Take 2 tbsp castor oil.
  • Add 2 tbsp fresh aloe-vera (paste).
  • Blend it.
  • Put it on your lashes daily with a cotton bud.

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  1. Brushing:

Another technique of growing your eye-lashes is by brushing them regularly, as it helps them to get rid of the dirt enhances their growth.

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  1. Eyelid massage:

Massaging perks up the flow of blood to hair follicles which prevents the breakage and thinning of hair and stimulates the growth. To do the massage, use petroleum jelly.

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  1. Lemon peels:

Lemon peels, being the wealthy source of vitamin C and B, nutrients and folic acid, thickens the eye-lashes. Jumble the peels with castor or olive oil and get the best results.

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  1. Aloe vera:

An excellent home based plant that promotes the growth of hair and lashes and moisturizes them. To apply, remove the gel and with the wand of your mascara, apply it on your lashes. And see the results in few weeks.
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  1. Coconut Milk:

Renowned for getting longer hair, it could be used to boost eyelashes. Dip 2 cotton balls into cold coconut milk and spread it on your lashes and wash off after 10-15 minutes for finest outcomes.

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Try these very simple and easy remedies at home and enjoy a perfect look with pretty long eyelashes making your eyes look more beautiful and attractive. Please leave your feedback about this article in the comment box below. Stay connected with Stylesglamour Beauty Tips Gallery for more natural tips, homemade remedies and DIY ideas.

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