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Tips On How to Make Your Lipstick Last all Day – Complete Tutorial

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Make-up is much of concern these days for girls. Applying makeup has become a complete task because it has the power to change entire look of a person. To stay updated with latest trends and learn how to apply a perfect makeover, girls search for make-up tutorials from different sources on Internet. There are of course many experts available online to serve as a proper guideline. Today’s post will unbind an exclusive long lasting lipstick tutorial with you ladies to learn a lot in this regard here.

Lipstick is an essential part of makeup. Without it, even a perfectly done makeup looks dull and incomplete. For a complete and glamorous look, a perfect application of lipstick is necessary.

Is it really a problem for you to to wear a perfectly applied lipstick on your lips all day? This would no more be a problem for you now. We have come up with a plenty of ideas and tips for you to try these out and make your Lip color stay fresh all the day.

long lasting lipstick tutorial

Long Lasting Lipstick Tutorial – How to Make Lipstick Stay Longer?

Following is a very simple and easy long lasting lipstick tutorial with natural remedies and tips to apply a perfect lip color which stays longer and fresh round the day.

Step 1:

Exfoilate Lips:

Exfoliate your lips either with a toothbruch or a lip scrubber. Tthis will remove dead cells from the surface. Dead cells make your lips looks dull and without life. Exfoliating lips makes your lips glow up and brightened.

how to make lipstick stay on

Step 2:

Apply Lip Oil:

Apply lip oil, like coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Applying oil will keep up the moisture level of your lips and rejuvinate them. Your lips will look even brighter, giving you a younger look this way, as oil gives a pinkish glow to lips.

how to make lipstick last all day

Apply Lip Balm:

Instead of applying lip oils, you can also try appling lip balm of any reliable brand. Lip balms also rejuvinate skin of your lips and help keeping up the moisture level. If applying lip balm is more convinent to you then you can use this as an alternate option.

make lipstick last all day

Results of applying lip balm or lip oil are quite obvious, i.e. younger and brighter looking lips. Healthy lips will give a perfect and long lasting impression of your lipstick and hence your lips. As, moistened lips increase the beauty of face by tons.

moistened lips for lipstick to last all day

Step 3:

Tap Powder on Lips:

Try to tap powder on your lips with a good quality powder. You may tap powdered brush on your lips using a tissue paper or somthing. The best way to apply powder is to apply it naturally without using a tissue paper.

powdering lips for long lasting lipstick

Step 4:

Apply Lipstick using a Lip Pencil:

Next step is to use a lip pencil of any color of your choice or the color of lipstick which you just want to apply. Apply lip pencil at the edges of your lips and make a perfect lip shape as shown in the following picture. After making an appropriate lip shape, fill the inner portion with the same pencil that you had just used for shaping. Fill up your lips perfectly and make sure to leave no gaps, especially focus your lip edges and don’t leave them for they will make your lips look shapeless if you ignore them, so be vigilant about them.

fill in lips with lip pencil

After filling up in this manner, your lips will look just like this and will be ready for application of lipstick.

pretty pink lips
Step 5:

Apply the Lip Color:

Now start applying lipstick of your choice from one side and completely fill up your upper and lower lips one by one.

applying lipstick

Step 6:

Blot Your Lips:

Blot your lips either with a tissue paper or a paper towel, preferably a tissue paper. By doing so, the moisturized content in your lips will be absorbed and removed. Apply another coat of lipstick on your lips and again blot your lips with a tissue paper. Try to apply the lipstick either with a lip brush or directly with lipstick. Repeate this thrice for perfect results.

blotting lips

Step 7:

Blend your lip color:

Finally, blend your lipstick properly which will make it a matte lip color. You may also use a matte lipstick as it has the ablility to stay fresh and cool throughtout the day.

blending lip color

Here are a few lip colors suggeted as durable and long lasting shades.

Coral Lipsticks in matte shades

matte lip colors

shocking pink lips

glossy pink lip color

make lipstick stay longer

best long lasting lipstick tips

So how was this Long Lasting Lipstick Tutorial? Please share your views and stay tuned for more about beauty tips and make-up.

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