Best Designer Anarkali Suits and Anarkali Frock Styles

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Anarkali salwar suits are being used very commonly in Middle East, specially Pakistan and India. The trend is however spreading towards the West with a bit different style. This dress is a combination of long kurta or a frock along with bottoms in the form of churidars. It is stitched in a particular umberalla style with plates around legs. This traditional dress has been evolved gradually from the times of Mughal emperor. The dress has been named after “Anarkali” who was a famous courtesan in Mughal emperor court. The trend of dresses of this type was almost vanished a few years back when short fitted shirts were common. However long lose shirts and frocks are again becoming an increasing trend. These are perfect from the point of view that they fit perfectly when one is supposed to cover her body with style. It looks extremely graceful and elegant. It may also act as a perfect substitute to abayas or gowns for the girls who wear abayas while they go outsides because the use of colored abayas is becoming an increasing trend. As the styles keep on switching yearly, we have brought you the latest trendy Anarkali Frock designs below.

New Anarkali Frock Designs 2014:

This is a marvelous collection line of Anarkali Frock Styles 2014 for girls who love this dressing style. This assortment covers a wide range of designs in eye popping colors. Lovely frocks and suits are being stitched in different styles with length ranging from long up to ankle or short till knees. These suits are embellished with embroidery, motifs, stones and beads work, and patches on necklines, at front and back with churidars as bottoms. The designs are added in the photo gallery below. Have a look at them and share your views about these pretty wearables. Stay connected with Stylesglamour for more.

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