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Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

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Are you sick and tired of shaving, tweezing and waxing? There’s a good and permanent solution to your issues: laser hair removal. This procedure is practiced all over the world and it’s the most effective way to get rid of your unwanted body hair.

Things you need to know before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

However, before you book your treatment, here are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Shave beforehand

It’s a good idea to shave about 24 hours before your treatment. While some areas are harder to reach and get a clean shave (staff is there to do some cleanup) shaving large areas in the salon is time-consuming and uncomfortable.

No tweezing and waxing 

Shaving is required, but tweezing and waxing removes the entire hair follicle leaving nothing for the laser to target. When the root of the hair stays inside your skin, the laser can do its job effectively.

Don’t put makeup

Many people say they don’t have any makeup on, but lying about this can have serious consequences. Your face and skin need to be free of products in order to perform safe laser treatment. For instance, if there are spots containing makeup, they can burn and cause pigment changes that will take months to fade. 

Avoid sun exposure

The laser works by identifying the pigment in the hair follicles, targeting those areas and “killing” the hair. In order to be effective, it’s best to keep your skin as close to your natural shade as possible. All experts recommend you avoid excessive sun exposure, tanning in the sun, tanning indoors and spray tan or creams. Do this at least two weeks before your treatment. Having a tan can increase the possibility of burns as the laser confuses the dark pigment in your skin for dark hair follicles. 

Pick the right expert

This is not a simple procedure, even though it might look that way. However, if you pick the right expert, your treatment can bring you great results in a safe and comfortable environment. Choosing an experienced technician is especially important when it comes to full body laser hair removal since these affect a larger area of the body. However, a respected salon always uses the latest technology that does the job quickly and with the least amount of discomfort. If you pick the right laser center, you will even have free consultations before your treatment to establish the best course of action for your hair and skin. 

It hurts a little bit

Most people say laser hair removal feels like a hot, sharp zap similar to rubber bands hitting your skin. Zaps usually feel sharper where the hair is dense and thick (usually underarms, lower legs and intimate area). The upper lip is also quite a sensitive area. However, some salons use lasers with a cooling effect (cold air, cold sprays, cool lasers) and there are also topical creams that can numb the area. Luckily, areas with less dense hair such as arms and legs might only feel slightly warm throughout the procedure. 

Expect some swelling

Don’t be scared if you come out of your treatment a little swollen—this is what’s supposed to happen. Your hair follicles will swell due to laser and it means the treatment was effective. Most dermatologists warn their clients about swelling, redness, stinging and itching, but these only last for a few hours (48 hours max). If your side-effects last longer, you can apply hydrocortisone creams or Benadryl gel to help with discomfort. 

Results vary from person to person

For the best results, every single hair removal treatment should be customized according to the hair type and body area. Coarse hairs on underarm or bikini area can disappear in about four to five treatments, but finer, thinner hairs on the upper lip or arms might need more treatments (sounds paradoxical, but it’s true). The best name for this procedure is hair reduction instead of hair removal because even though the density and volume of the hair lower, some follicles always survive depending on the person. 

By doing some research on laser hair removal, you’re ensuring best results and less painful treatments. Of course, the most important part is choosing a good laser clinic that will make you feel comfortable and in safe hands.

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