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Khaadi Khaas Latest Dresses Collection at Sunsilk Fashion Week:

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Fashion shows are one of the best ways to explore the new arrivals of a brand or designer. Almost all the brands and designers organize different events like exhibitions, parties and fashion Shows every year to unveil their new arrivals after which the collections go official on the World Wide Web and become available for sale in all their outlets. These shows are mostly conducted in capital cities especially in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Different models explore the beauty of brand new wearables by wearing them and walking on the ramp. Spectators which include the top most fashion designers rank the dresses later. Various fashion shows organized in Pakistan include Fashion Week Pakistan, Style 360 Runway etc. Today’s post will display the pretty Khaadi Khaas Dresses SFW Designs.

Khaadi has been one of the leading  brands dominating in the clothing industry. This brand has been competing with an excellent performance since past few years in the industry where every designer is trying hard to bring their collections to the top of customer’s interest. This brand currently deals specially in clothing for women, and always comes up with innovative designs. It’s being very popular because of it’s appealing dresses continuously grabbing customer’s attention every year. Elegant dresses with neat and eye catching designs force us to select this brand as a perfect choice.

Khaadi Khaas Dresses SFW Designs Latest Collection at Sunsilk Fashion Week:

Khaadi has introduced it’s new collection of the year, with charming dresses. It has organized it’s show a few days back to explore the new arrivals, in the “Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014” sponsored by Sunsilk. Different beautiful models added to the beauty of dresses by showing them up on the ramp.

The collection contains a wide variety of dresses ranging from tops, long shirts, party wears, frocks, trousers and gowns in different hues yet the leading color theme was red and skin. Have a look at the photo gallery bellow to see all the dresses and share your views with us. If you wish to buy any article, visit the official website or your city’s nearest outlet today.

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