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Kayseria Rang-e-Banaras Latest Festive Eid Collection Complete Catalogue

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A flourish of flowing and glowing floral prints with a magical and sensational essence enriched with a flavor of royalty and festivity wrapped into glamour is right here in this session ready to fill up your minds and hearts with a new sensation and charisma of festive wears. We always say that we save the best of the collections to be shared at the end to make one’s shopping complete or to give a final touch with perfect ideas. Like the seasonal collections, all festive collections have been dispatched here now for you people to make your selections here and bring the best in you by wearing these elegant and graceful festive wearables on the upcoming festival of Eid. To be very honest, there is no use of getting an unstitched dress now, as it would merely waste your time. The tailors are surely hell busy these days and no one will be willing to take orders and stitch your dresses now. So you better go for a ready-made outfit to get rid of this tension and get your Eid outfit ready just within a day. For, it is much easier to alter a dress slightly instead of stitching it completely from zero level. We are pleased to bring you a classy festive assortment full of best ever ready-to-wear eid outfits by Kayseria.

Kayseria – Magic in Print, as the name indicates is a magical fashion house and a luxury clothing brand dedicated to bring about fantastic designs and prints of seasonal wear and festive wear for women of all ages and all tastes. Kayseria is derived from the word Kayser which means Saffron and Kayseri stands for “colors of Saffron”. So the name might have cleared you the fact what sort of fabrics the brand designs. Kayseria hit the market in 2009 when the fashion industry truly needed something extraordinary and founded one in the form of Kayseria.

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Colorful Kayseria Eid Dresses Collection 2015-2016 Rang-e-Banaras Complete Look-Book/Magazine:

Kayseria Eid Collection Rang-e-Banaras 2015-2016 has been brought to limelight by the brand as the most compatible and best festive collection of the season. This sizzling collection is full of beautiful eid prints in bright, vibrant and eye catching colors which can surely make your Eid day much colorful and cool. Most of these dresses by Kayseria Festive Collection are available as stitched shirts complemented with tights and chiffon dupattas. Fresh floral prints of these attires are all attention grabbing.

Kayseria Eid Catalog 2015-2016 has been explored in this article with all the articles being displayed in a clear view. Have a look at these Kayseria Eid Must Haves and make them yours by placing orders at the Kayseria Online store or any of the Kayseria leading outlets in your city. Stay connected with Stylesglamour Festival Gallery for more festive fashion updates and latest collections.

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Kayseria-Eid-Collection-2015-2016 (1)

Kayseria-Eid-Collection-2015-2016 (2)

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