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Indian Designer Summer Dresses 2016-2017 at Amazon India Fashion Week

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Among the very popular and grooming fashion industries of the world, Indian fashion industry is worth mentioning and worth appreciating as well. Touching the new horizons of success, the industry is now been enriched with new and fresh young talent making it shine among the world’s most popular fashion markets. Though every country has its own taste and fashion statements, nevertheless every industry tries its best to bring a level of internationalization so to fit well in all cultures round the globe. Indian fashion market has somehow managed to go well along with it. The factor of localization has made its products liked and adopted all over the world. This is something most important that a designer needs to bring in his or her products, and the Indian dress designers surely keep this into their minds. By conducting a number of fashion shows at different levels, Indian fashion industry is trying its best to promote the talent of their designers. Let us unbind the classy designs of best Indian Designer Summer Dresses here.

India Fashion Week is one of the most popular fashion shows conducted by the Fashion Design Council of India twice a year. This mega event is sponsored by The recent show of India Fashion Week was conducted in October where different Indian designers showcased their latest spring summer collections for both men and women.

Indian Designer Summer Dresses 2016-17 at Amazon India Fashion Week:

Spring Summer Designer dresses in India for the upcoming season and year are just going to be dispatched in this article for you guys to make it easier for you to select trendy summer dresses for you. If you are fond of wearing designer dresses, then this article is surely going to be more interesting for you, for it would cover the special summer series of popular Indian designers who have just showcased their fresh collections at the mega event of Amazon India Fashion Week 2016-2017.

We have picked up the few most inspiring collections featuring their prominent designs in this section. Let’s have a look at the shining masterworks of AnaMika, Dolly J, Anupama Dayal, Gauri and Nainika, Ikai by Ragini Ahuja, Kartikeya, Kommal Sood, Prashant Verma, Saaj, Siddartha Tytler, and Tanieya Khanuja.


AnaMika-Summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (1)

AnaMika-Summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (2)
Anupama Dayal

Anupama-Dayal-Summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (1)

Anupama-Dayal-Summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (2)
Dolly J

Dolly-J-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (1)

Dolly-J-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (2)
Gauri and Nainika

Gauri-and-Nainika-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (1)

Gauri-and-Nainika-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (2)
Ikai by Ragini Ahuja

Ikai-by-Ragini-Ahuja-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (1)

Ikai-by-Ragini-Ahuja-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (2)

Ikai-by-Ragini-Ahuja-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (3)

Kartikeya-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (2)

Kartikeya-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (3)

Kartikeya-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (4)
Kommal Sood


Prashant Verma

Prashant-Verma-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (2)

Prashant-Verma-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (1)

Saaj-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (2)

Saaj-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (3)
Siddartha Tytler

Siddartha-Tytler-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (1)

Siddartha-Tytler-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (2)

Siddartha-Tytler-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (5)

Tanieya Khanuja

Tanieya-Khanuja-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (1)

Tanieya-Khanuja-summer-2016-2017-at-Amazon-India-Fashion-Week (2)

Indian Designer Summer Dresses

This was all about the latest spring summer clothing trends in India. Which designer collection was the best one and which one are you going to opt for? Let us know about your views and feedback about these beautiful Indian Designer Summer Dresses in the comment section. Shine the brightest in the wonderful colors of spring summer by wearing these classy designer dresses this year. Keep visiting Stylesglamour Summer Collections segment for more updates on designer summer dresses and our special Fashion Shows Gallery for all the recent runway highlights of almost all popular shows held worldwide.

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