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10 Beauty products every girl must have – Important Makeup Products

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As a girl steps into her teenage, she comes across many products. In the early stage, girls are fond of collecting different shades of nail polishes and spend their time in nail arts etc. Then they start having interest in lipsticks. But with the passing years, they change their priorities as just nail-polishes are not sufficient for all their needs and they start realizing that they are badly in need of some more stuff to compete with the world and their soul mates. Though teenage period is considered to be the best time of life but it brings with it some pimples, dark circles or spots among few ones. This leads to develop a complex among youngsters and they start buying every product from the market to maintain beauty. But being un-aware of the essential beauty items, they stalk their cupboards with superfluous and needless cosmetics, leaving them baffled that what to use and what not to go for! Here we will disclose some important beauty products to have, in order to shine all day.

So make sure to always own such things which you consider they are essential and you can’t think of living without them. Still confused? Don’t worry! Here I’ve summed up the basic and most crucial beauty-items that every girl must own and must have.

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Top Ten Important Beauty Products Every Girl Must Have in her Bag:

  1. Mascara:

Long, extended and luscious eye-lashes add such a beauty to the face and mascara plays a key role in extending lashes within no time!

Best products: Maybelline great lash-big mascara, l’Oreal voluminous million lashes-mascara.

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  1. BB cream/foundation:

There is a great trend of BB creams today. They do more than what a foundation does with a sun screen protection, protects from the UV rays and are reasonably priced than foundations. Foundations on the other hand provide lasting coverage but are rather pricey. So, be good enough in choosing the right thing.

Best products: Garnier’s BB cream , bobbi brown, mac, l’Oreal true-match and Clinique foundations.

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  1. Blush:

Puzzled to decide which brand has the best blushes that could cheer up the apples of your face. Then you must try the listed stuff.

Best products: nars blush in orgasm.

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  1. Eye-liner/pencil:

Eye-liner is a key thing in facial make-over and can turn the whole appearance from cheerless to cheerful.

Best products: mac, bobbi brown eye-liner.

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  1. Perfume:

A girl’s first love! A representative of the personality that defines us very well and a secret that a lady never wants to babble on anyone.

Best products: chanel, Gucci.

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  1. Concealer:

Best remedy to conceal dark-spots, pimples, and notably the dark-circles. Therefore, a requisite article!

Best products: Maybelline fit me concealer.

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  1. Lipstick:

The neons, corals, shades of red, pinks, nudes and a lot more which are too difficult to resist and makes a lass the center of attention, changing drab appearance into fabulous!

Best products: chanel, Revlon and mac.

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  1. Cleanser/moisturizer:

Apart from makeup, skin requires nourishment and hydration, which is fulfilled by a cleaner or moisturizer. The make up clogs the pores and it’s excess takes away the natural glow which is compensated by cleansing it regularly. So never forget to carry a cleanser/moisturizer with you!

Best Brands:  Purpose gentle cleansing wash, Olay.

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  1. Make-up removing wipes:

Sometimes after a tiresome day, even washing the face seems an arduous task. In such cases, the makeup-wipes prove to be a good friend!

Best Brands: ponds, clean&clear.

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  1. Sun block:

For all women, who are subjected to the sunlight, must always keep a sunblock with them that prevents the hazardous rays of sun.

Best products: Clarins, Neutrogena ulta shee.

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Stay cool by having these important beauty products all the time with you. Keep visiting Stylesglamour Make-up Gallery for latest and best make-up and beauty products.

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