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Top 10 Best Dressed & Worst Dressed Celebrities at 3rd Hum Awards

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While talking about mega TV shows, how can we forget about the very popular and special Hum wards sponsored this year by Servis. It’s not only about which celebrity wins any awards but it seems like people are more conscious and curious about what the celebrates wear on special events like award shows. Fashion forward people always keep an eye on celebrity wear and try to copy and follow their dressing styles. This special piece of writing followed by the latest celebrity dresses has been brought to help you have a look at celebrity fashion and follow the ones you like the most. We have brought to you the list of best and worst dressed celebrities at Lux Style Awards in the previous session which was highly appreciated and liked by our fans, so we are just going ahead towards another list of best and worst dressed celebs at HUM Awards which was on aired a few weeks ago.

Celebrities of our film and drama industry are famous for having a good dressing and fashion sense which must be admired and appreciated. Let us bring the new celebrity fashion updates to limelight and help you stay updated.

Celebrities at Hum Awards

Top Ten Worst Dressed & Best Dressed Celebrities at Servis 3rd Hum Awards:

Here is the hit list of top 10 best and worst dressed celebrities at new Hum TV Award show 2015-2016.

Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at Hum Awards

10. Maya Ali:
Maya was looking extremely elegant in white colored front cut gown.

Maya Ali at Hum Awards
9. Urwa Hocane:
Urwa carried the style that she wore in a descent way.

Urwa Hocane at Hum Awards
8. Mawra Hocane:
Mawra was looking just like a Barbie doll in pretty umbrella frock. The style really suit her.Mawra Hocane in Cindrella Frock at Hum Awards

7. Ayesha Khan:
Ayesha’s dressing and fashion sense has always been liked and she proved herself this time too.

Ayesha Khan at HUM AWARDS
6. Sanam Saeed:

Top-ten-best-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-Awards (7)
5. Mahira Khan:

The color Mahira wore this time looked pretty good on her, and Thank God she went for open hair this time and not the same tight bun.

Top-ten-best-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-Awards (1)
4. Sanam Chaudhry:
Sanam’s skin colored maxi with red embroidered work was extremely wonderful.

Top-ten-best-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-Awards (3)
3. Mansha Pasha:

Top-ten-best-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-Awards (6)
2. Sanum Jung:
Sanum Jung has always dressed up elegantly and this time too.Top-ten-best-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-Awards (9)

1. Syra Yousuf:
At number one comes the most beautiful and cutest lady of the Pakistani drama industry Syra Sheroz, who was attired in a very pretty umbrella frock in lemon yellow color. The color and simple hairstyle really suit her and made her look simply gorgeous in a perfect dress and makeover.

Top-ten-best-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-Awards (5)
Top 10 Worst Dressed Celebrities at Hum Awards

7. Hareem Farooq:
According to the rankings so far, Hareem’s dress is not considered a descent one according to her personality.

Top-ten-Worst-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-awards (3)
6. Sajal Ali:
Sajal belongs to the very attractive and beautiful faces of showbiz, but this doesn’t mean that every unique look may suit her, right?Top-ten-Worst-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-awards (1)
5. Maria Wasti:
Maria just forgot to consider the age factor before dressing up.

Top-ten-Worst-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-awards (4)
4. Angeline Malik:
One must dress up according to his or her age. Angeline too just forgot to consider this factor I guess.

Top-ten-Worst-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-awards (6)
3. Cybil Chaudhry:
The dress Cybil wore on the event was inappropriate. Further, it seemed completely illogical to wear goggles at night.

Top-ten-Worst-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-awards (5)
2. Mehwish Hayat:
Mehwish who has been famous for wearing bold dresses was looking strange in maroon colored fish tail gown which is completely out of fashion now.

Top-ten-Worst-dressed-celebrities-at-Hum-awards (7)
1. Hamza Ali Abbasi:
At number one comes the popular TV actor Hamza Ali Abbasi who really stunned everyone by his very inappropriate and weird dress on the award show.

Hum Awards

So this was all about best and worst dressed TV stars at Hum awards 2015-2016. Hope you like the dressing sense of our stylo TV stars and wish the others to dress up in a descent way too. Please leave your feedback and share your views about this article in the comment section below. Stay connected with Stylesglamour Celebrity Fashion Gallery for more details on celebrity dressing and award shows.

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