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5 Genius tips to reuse your Wedding Lehenga

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The wedding day is over, the thank you cards are sent out and the wedding event pictures are back, however one task continues to be … what to do with your bridal dress?

For the majority us, our bridal dresses are predestined to spend the remainder of its life gathering dust in the rear of our closet along with great deals of suspicious style choices we have not checked out since the 90s. However, there are some distinct and innovative methods you can put that dress to make use of!

Choosing what to do with your outfit after the wedding is a challenging choice, however, if the last thing you desire is it using up space in your closet, you’ll enjoy our checklist of seven ways to recycle your wedding gown.

Transforming a wedding event into one of the most unforgettable affairs calls for a good deal of efforts. From location to food, from bridegroom’s sherwani to new bride’s lehenga, all of it needs to be absolutely nothing less than the finest. Currently, when it has to do with wedding lehenga, a ton of money is being invested in simply the lehenga. Nevertheless, wedding lehenga is something that you cannot dress in a routine event and in some cases not even on fancy occasion.

How to reuse Wedding Lehenga?

Dress designing experts at a Lehenga Shop in Los Angeles provide you the ideal hacks for a transformation for your lehenga, keep reading!

1. Dupatta as a saree!

Yea, no joking, my mum did that to her bridal dupatta. It was an exceptionally beautiful dupatta with thick borders and boti work throughout. And naturally, a wedding chunari is long enough to be utilized as the pallu of your saree. Obtain a piece of fabric in the very same color as the dupatta (you could experiment with a different color too) and wrap it around your waistline while making pleats. Embed the dupatta and slide it over the front as a pallu. Conversely, you can also sew the dupatta as well as fabric assemble. Combine it with the bridal shirt and you’re good to go for your bestie’s engagement!

Dupatta with a wedding lehenga will certainly be really hefty with needlework and can be developed into a stylish sari. As you already know that a sari is 4.5 meters to 6 meters long, you simply require to include 3 more meters of fabric to your dupatta.

2. Modernize!

Deconstruct your lehenga into different components and utilize it as you wish to. For instance, if you love the shirt, wear it with a trendy set of dhoti pants. Similarly, if the skirt is what makes you swoon, obtain a various type of shirt or kurta to opt for it. The dupatta, according to us, is one of the most flexible of them all. Style it with a suit set, with a lehenga, or as a lehenga saree, the dupatta can be moulded according to your impulses countless times!

3. Get an Anarkali stitched out of it:

If you are a person who has actually gained a little bit of weight and feel like you won’t be putting on a lehenga once again, just get the skirt of your lehenga affixed to the shirt for a basic, budget-friendly Anarkali you can show off on your siblings’ wedding celebration.

Anarkali will always look much less bridal than lehengas even if they are just as ornamented.

A great tailor can assist you to transform your bridal joda right into an Anarkali dress. Depending upon the design of the wedding set, you can either sew up the shirt and lehenga with each other, including a belt at the waistline or have your outfit all set. You can also connect a new simpler top to the lehenga and have an all-new Anarkali suit! Look through your wardrobe to discover a basic dupatta to match your suit.

4. Matching is crucial:

Your bridal lehenga, blouse, and dupatta are all greatly ornamented or delicately stitched. Minimize the wedding feel by matching the lehenga with an ordinary strong tinted shirt and dupatta. It’ll soften the appearance of your attire and you’ll be able to use it a whole lot more. Attempt to have the shirt and dupatta in a non-bridal color and also stay clear of reds or greens. Pastel tones or deep shades like royal blue will certainly give your clothing a much more modern-day spin.

5. Pass it On to the Future generation:

Marriage– check. Children– check? Whether you’re currently moms and dads or plan to be in the future, conserving your bridal dress for your children can be a truly wonderful thing to do with your dress after the wedding. You might have a seamstress change it into a brand-new gown for your kid to wear, possibly for a special occasion like a baptism, or perhaps grab a stitching equipment on your own and get ephemeral.

You can also go one step further and have the gown made right into doilies or various other wedding tokens for your child’s wedding. There are lots of methods you can integrate dress into your little girl, god kid or niece’s wedding in the future so be imaginative! If you can’t bear to take it apart, save it for them to appreciate it when they’re older.

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