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How to use hot hair rollers? – Step by Step Tutorial to Curl Hair

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The trend of curled and wavy hair has always been in and followed by the celebrities of all the times. On every awards and red carpets, many actresses come up with curls, and one speculates, how perfectly they’re done with their hair! For sure their makeover is done by the top stylists. But you can try doing hair-curls at home by following a few tips & tricks for rolling the hair with electric rollers. Here is a simple hot hair roller tutorial with step by step guideline.

hot hair roller tutorial

Hot Hair Roller Tutorial Step by Step – How to Curl Hair?

Following hot hair roller tutorial will serve as a perfect guideline to those who wish to learn cureling hair at home.

Step 1: Selecting a good roller

If you have a good roller, you are half way there! With the different price ranges, the markets are overloaded with a variety of curlers and rather wasting money on the cheap ones again and again, buying one pricy and good roller is not a big deal. Always prefer to go for the product which is only meant for that purpose. Like avoid buying the multi-purpose products which have straighteners and curlors of many types etc. Also don’t go for something that is available in clearance sale.
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Step 2: Pre-heating

Before using, always pre-heat your rollers to get the ideal results. But it also depends on the type of hairstyle you want to carry. For example, if you want to get loose and soft curls, set a low temperature. Likewise, for the spiral and tight curls, set a high temperature.

how-to-use-hot-hair-rollers (9)

Step 3: Partitioning/Sectioning hair

 Make certain partitions running from ear to ear and a few at the back for your own ease and tighten the partitions with catchers.


Step 4: Heat protection

You know why the curls of celebrities have neatness, it is because they use serums, creams and heat activated sprays to polish the hair-ends and save them from heat damage and this is the secret behind the stunning, smooth wavy curls of stars. So always use such products before rolling.

how to use hot hair rollers (5)

Step 5: Start rolling

Start taking the strands from one side of partition, near the face, with the curls heading away from the face, leaving the roots to prevent them from damage.


how-to-use-hot-hair-rollers (2)

Don’t curl the hair from ends towards the roots as it is a wrong way and it results in uneven, messy and jumbled waves. Always curl in downward directions. Another common mistake done by most of us is curling too much hair at a time which results in a looser wave.

how-to-use-hot-hair-rollers (8)

Step 6: Finishing

After rolling, always end up with a hair spray to make them last longer, neat and tight. Then spray them up, make your favorite hair-do and have fun!

how-to-use-hot-hair-rollers (3)
Following these steps carefully will lead you towards a perfect curly hairstyle which would change your entire look. Try this and wear a perfect trendy look on any of the upcoming occasion and steel all the compliments. and share your views with us in the comment section below. Stay connected with Stylesglamour Beauty Tips Gallery for more tutorials and make-over guidelines.

How-to-use-hot-hair-rollers-tutorial (6)

How-to-use-hot-hair-rollers-tutorial (5)

How-to-use-hot-hair-rollers-tutorial (3)

how-to-use-hot-hair-rollers (7)

how-to-use-hot-hair-rollers (1)



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