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How to do Organic Facial at Home? Homemade Organic Facial Tutorial

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The secret to youthful skin is to be conscious of what you put on it. Organic facial is the preferred and the safest way to rejuvenate the skin. Organic is the True natural, it means the products aren’t made with synthetic chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, color or petroleum ingredients. This piece of writing will help you learn a perfect homemade organic facial tutorial for fresh, fair and glowing skin.

This facial is useful for sensitive skin with lots of following benefits:

  • Removal and reduction of aging spots.
  • Improvement of dull and rough looking skin.
  • Removal of pores.
  • Improvement of skin tone and texture for a fresher and younger looking skin.
  • It also hydrates your skin for brighter skin tone at home.


Homemade Organic Facial Tutorial for Glowing, Fresh and Fair Skin:

Before exploring the steps which are just required to be followed in order to prepare an organic facial at home, let’s first take into consideration the ingredients required.

  • Towel:

Take a clean towel which you can easily use onto your face, and which does not harm your skin texture. So it should be soft in stuff.

towel for facial

  • Chilled Water:

    Take a bowl full of chilled water with ice cubes in it.


  • Rose Water:

The next thing required is rose water.


  • Wheat Flour:


  • Tomato juice:


Step 1: Prepare Facial Cream:

How to Prepare Organic Facial Mask? – Tutorial:

  • Take a bowl and add wheat flour 1 tsp, tomato juice 1 tsp and rose water 1 tsp. Mix them well together, and your scrub is ready.


  • Apply this scrub onto your face either with hands or with the help of a brush.


  • After applying this scrub, gently massage it in a circular motion in anticlockwise direction with the right hand and in a clockwise motion with the left hand.
  • Do this process for about 5 minutes.
  • Now wipe your face with a clean towel.
  • Dip the towel in chilled water and wipe your scrub.

skin whitening facial

  • Make sure no residues of scrub are left.

Step 2: Prepare Facial Scrub:

Facial Scrub with Curd and Turmeric:

For the next step you need a cream for moisturizing. And that must also be an organic one. So, let’s see how to prepare the after facial moisturizer for scrubbing.

  • Take 3 tsp of curd.
  • Whip this curd well.


  • Now take some turmeric powder.

turmeric powder for skin facial

  • Take separate bowl and add 3 tsp of whipped curd and a pinch of turmeric powder.


  • Apply this cream onto your face for 15 minutes, with the help of a brush. Make sure to avoid the eye areas.


  • Keep massaging your face and relax for 15 minutes.


  • Massage your eye area that will release your stress a lot.
  • After your time is completed, take a wipe and remove all the cream.
  • Now use a clean towel dipped in chilled water and remove all the cream content properly from your face.


Step 3: Prepare Facial Face Pack:

The final step is to make and apply the organic facial face pack.

  • Take some amount of milk in a bowl.


  • Take some Gram flour.


  • Last ingredient is turmeric powder.


Organic Facial Face Pack Tutorial:

  • Take a bowl and add 1 tsp of milk, 1 tsp of gram flour and a pinch of turmeric powder into it, not more than that else it will stain your face and may cause itching.


  • Mix it well and apply the mixture on your face. Leave this pack until it dries up and relax having cucumber slices onto your eyes.

organic facial tutorial

After the pack is dry, clean it with a wet towel dipped in chilled water again.

Your organic facial is done. For best results, do this facial once a month. Try this simple homemade organic facial tutorial today and share your views about whether it was helpful to you or not. Keep visiting our Beauty Tips Section for more health and beauty hacks.

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