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How to Make Natural Mascara at Home? – Best Homemade Mascara Recipes

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Mascara is used to define eyelashes. Mascara essentially comprises of color, oil & wax, these three together to give great definition to eyes. Most mascaras available in market contains toxic ingredients which can be harmful to eyelashes. The most harmful chemicals present in mascara are led and mercury, which can lead to skin cancer, allergies, eye irritation, brain & nervous damage and blindness. So, how about making a mascara at home? Here in this article we have shared a few homemade mascara recipe guides to make a natural mascara at home.

Unlike market mascaras, natural mascara is toxin-free and does not has any negative side effect.

homemade mascara recipe

Homemade Mascara Recipe – How to Make Natural Mascara at home?

Following are a few classy tips to make natural mascara at home with a simple home made mascara recipe.

1. Natural mascara using coconut oil & shea butter:

  • Take a bowl, add 1 tsp of coconut oil, 1 tsp of bees wax and 1 tsp of shea butter, stir this until it melts & everything mixes together. homemade mascara recipe (4)
  • Now place a glass bowl on a saucepan, this will make a double boiler. homemade mascara recipe (11)
  • Heat 3 cups of water in the saucepan , once boiled reduce flame. homemade mascara recipe (6)
  • Now add 4 tsp of aloevera gel & mix it well.aloevera gel in mascara
  • Your mascara is ready, store this in a mascara tub.mascara6
  • You can apply this, using a mascara brush.

homemade mascara


2. Natural mascara using burnt almonds:

  • Burn few seeds of almond (for black mascara, for brown mascara you can use coco powder). homemade mascara recipe (7)
  • Now grind them into a fine powder. mascara3
  • Take a container, add the powdered burnt almond & add some honey into it. Mix well, the consistency of mixture should be thick. mascara4
  • For a few seconds microwave this mixture to make its consistency thin. Pour this mixture into your mascara container. homemade mascara recipe (10)
  • Take a rubber stopper & fix into your mascara container & then shake it well. Now close your container with a mascara brush. Let it cool down & then use it. mascara containerhomemade mascara recipe (9)

    3. Natural mascara using activated charcoal, coconut oil, vitamin E oil & bees wax:

    • Take a bowl, add 1 tsp of vitamin E oil, 1 tsp of coconut oil & half a table spoon bees wax/petroleum jelly. homemade mascara recipe (12)
    • Take another bowl and add hot water into it, now place your bowl with all the ingredients into hot water bowl & let the mixture melt.
    • After the mixture melts, add 1 tsp of aloevera gel into mixture and mix well. homemade mascara recipe (8)
    • Now add 3 capsules of activated charcoal mix the solution well. homemade mascara recipe (2)
    • Now take a small plastic bag and cut it from edge. Place that cut edge into your mascara container and squeeze it. Do this with the rest of mixture. macsara2
    • Your natural homemade mascara is ready.

    We hope you liked these homemade tutorials of mascara. Do try these simple recipes and let us know.

You can store this homemade mascara for about 4 weeks, after it starts smelling pungent dispose it off. Apply a mascara from root to tip to make your eyelashes look uniform.

mascara application

How was this homemade mascara recipe? Do share your views with us, if you try it out. Stay tuned with Stylesglamour Beauty Corner for more beauty products’ recipes.

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