How To Make Natural Toxin Free Lip Gloss at Home? DIY Homemade Lip Gloss Tutorials

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Lip gloss is a product which helps one get a shiny luster and also helps give the lips a temporary enhancement that makes them look complete and beautiful. It also helps in completing the looks. Yes it does. As without lip touch ups, looks go incomplete. Homemade lip glosses are of course safer to use. As they cannot damage or harm lips unlike the ones available in market, which surely contain chemicals and toxins inside them. Natural homemade lip gloss doesn’t only give a natural shine to lips but also keep them moistened and cracks free.

This article will unbind a few simple and very easy lip gloss recipes to make a perfect toxin free lip gloss at home which can be used round the day without any hesitation and side effects.

natural pink homemade lip gloss

Homemade Lip Gloss Tutorial with Steps – How to make Lip Gloss?

The following section entertained with various lip gloss tutorials will help you make your own natural homemade lip gloss using natural ingredients available in your kitchen. So let’s get started with the simplest one.


Homemade Lip Gloss Using Beeswax and Coconut Oil:

This recipe is the best one to follow in winters, as coconut oil used in it helps in keeping lips moistened and also serves as a cure for chapped lips. For making a natural smooth lip gloss, follow these steps:

  1. Take 3 tsp of beeswax in a glass bowl. beeswax for natural lip gloss
  2. Add 3/4 cup of coconut oil. beeswax and coconut oil for lip gloss
  3. Now add 2 cups of water in a vessel and heat it.
  4. Once the water is hot, place the glass bowl in the vessel.
  5. keep stirring and let the wax melt.
  6. Now add 2 tsp of almond oil. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-18
  7. Mix well and remove from heat.
  8. Next, add around 15 drops of rose essential oil. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-22
  9. Mix this well and let it cool down.
  10. Finally transfer the mixture in a convenient container. homemade gloss for lips

Lip Gloss Using Vaseline, Lipstick and Shimmer:

Your makeup kit can serve well in making a perfect homemade lip gloss. You only need to follow these steps:

  1.  Take a small container and add a small amount of Vaseline into it. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-11
  2. Now cut a lipstick of  the color of choice with the help of a cutter and add it into the container. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-16
  3. Now mix them together with the help of a toothpick or any small stirrer. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-17
  4. If the consistency is thick, you can add shimmer into it. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-15
  5. Mix all the ingredients together and leave the container for few a minutes. Now let all the ingredients settle down.
  6. Your homemade lip gloss is ready to use. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-14

How to make Lip Gloss Using Eye Shadow and Vaseline?

  1. Take a small container and add some amount of Vaseline into it. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-9
  2. Take your old eye shadow kit, select the color of your choice as a victim to be crushed.
  3. Crush the eye shadow properly with the help of a brush. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-13
  4. Start adding the crushed powder into the Vaseline, and mix the ingredients well with toothpick. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-12
  5. Leave the mixture for a few minutes to settle the ingredients.

Lip Gloss Using Beetroot, Vaseline and Essential Oil:

  1. Take a sugar Beet, peel it off and blend it in a blender without water. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-7
  2. Now add a little amount of Vaseline into a container.
  3. Squeeze sugar beet into the Vaseline mixture. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-8
  4. Add vanilla essence into it and mix the ingredients well. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-6
  5. And the lip gloss is ready. homemade-lip-gloss-tutorial-and-recipe-1

Any of the above mentioned lip gloss recipes or tutorials can be followed to make a natural homemade organic lip gloss by following simple steps at home.

Tips & tricks to apply Lip Gloss Perfectly:

  • Apply  lip gloss in circular motion.
  • The gloss should not make white spots in corner of mouth.
  • Do not blot the gloss after applying.

You may use different types of containers to store your organic lip gloss, which could be more fun.


Be selective in shades. Try to choose those shades which suit you the most. Do not forget to choose according to your face complexion. Surely the best and most preferred lip gloss color is Pink.


Share your views about this homemade lip gloss tutorial in the feedback section below. Stay tuned with Stylesglamour Cosmetics Gallery for more natural cosmetics’ recipes.

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