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A Traditional Ode – Gul Ahmed’s Glamorous Luxury Eid Collection 2019

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With summers and the festive season around the corner, it’s time to up your style game and get your hands on some of the best outfits for Eid. Several occasions come and go all the year round. However, it’s Eid that has the credit for being the most favorite festival, specially when it comes to the feminine gender. For girls, this occasion is all about dressing up and looking their best. And, Gul Ahmed is exactly the place you should be this season. The popular brand has hit the headlines with their latest drool-worthy Glamorous Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Collection.

Gul Ahmed’s this years’ luxury collection is a concoction of soft earthy tones, embroidered traditional motifs and modern patterns assuring that each ensemble looks alluring and attractive. The collection consists of both three-piece and two-piece luxury lawns. So ladies, you don’t have to go haywire for the perfect Eid outfit because Gul Ahmed has one for you at your disposal.

One of the things that make the Glamorous Luxury Collection by Gul Ahmed a must-have is its contemporary take on traditional designs. The pieces in the collection are made of a variety of materials, the likes of chiffon, silk, cotton, jacquard and more. All these materials are infused with delicate and elaborate embroidery, bound to give you a ravishing look this Eid-ul-Azha.

Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Collection 2019:

Like the name says, the Glamorous Luxury Collection is all about glamour and luxuries. The collection vaunts of ornamental detailing, chic tassels and subtle laces that would add the oomph factor to your look for the festivities. Gul Ahmed luxury Eid collection is a tribute to the ethnic and traditional looks that never go out of style. However, this time they have been synchronized with a modern touch, making these suits your perfect bet for the year.

The Luxury Collection by Gul Ahmed has been segregated into four sections, each aligned with the overall theme yet different from each other, bringing something innovative to the lot. Let’s take a look.


Rasm, the three-piece premium suit collection, literally means rituals or customs that date back to old times and are expected to be followed. Like the name suggests, the suits in this segment of the Luxury Collection are inspired from our cultural lineage and heritage that dates back to the Mughal times. These suits are heavily embroidered oozing off exclusivity and royalty.

Consisting of an array of earthy colors, Rasm is subtle yet leaves an ever-lasting impact. Its elaborate embellishments give the suits a look of sophistication and grace that was only found back in the sub-continent culture.

This light beige embroidered three-piece suit is a perfectexample. The suit is undoubtedly class apart and has an imperial aura around it. The nude color is decent, while the intricate embroidery on the shirt and dupatta makes it the perfect effortless look for you this Eid.

Beautiful Eid suit for women

Gul Ahmed fancy Eid suit

Another beige suit, this one from the Gul Ahmed’s Glamorous Luxury Collection has hand-worked embroidery on the shirt, whereas the dupatta has intricacies on the borders and the hem.

Rasm from Gul Ahmed’s Glamorous Luxury Collection is the real-life depiction of what timeless beauty and elegance looks like. And this black suit is proof to that. The floral embroidered dupatta looks gorgeous. This suit should be your pick for Eid if you’re looking forward to a charismatic look for yourself.

Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Collection


Tehzeeb literally means culture. And Tehzeeb from Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Collection is the perfect portrayal of our nation’s traditional wear. The collection takes pride in the variety of colors it has brought this year, the star color being ‘mehndi’. Other colors like red and green add a unique touch to the suits as well, promising to bring out your personality.

Branded red Eid suit for women

Tehzeeb adds vibrance to this year’s Glamorous Luxury Collection by Gul Ahmed with its bright colors, entailing embroidery and bold motifs. The traditional feel of the dresses have been perfectly harmonized with contemporary elements that make the dresses look like an amalgamation of the past and present trends.

Gul Ahmed glamorous luxury Eid collection

Wearing Tehzeeb in this year’s festive season would give you an excuse to don that traditional look you were not confident of before. The red dress is our favorite, grab it and rock it like a boss.

Beautiful green Eid suit by Gul Ahmed

Never has a green suit looked as pretty as it does here. The parrot green suit is one of the most unique pieces from the entire Glamorous Luxury Collection. It has a subtler look as compared to other suits from Tehzeeb with embroidery on the neckline and hem of the shirt. The suit looks perfect, however, if you want a heavier look, add some traditional jewelry to your outfit and a pair of golden heels.


Sequin embroidery, khadi net dupattas, zari embroidery and kingri lace are things that Virsa from Gul Ahmed’s Glamorous Luxury Collection is made of. Virsa is an epitome of classic femininity and a symphony of timeless elegance. The suits in Virsa makes one feel nostalgic, taking you on a trip down the memory lane. It features the ethnic gota and zari dupattas, aesthetic doris and messori fabric that your mother and grandmother always spoke highly of with a dreamy look on their face.

Virsa celebrates the fashion that was followed by our ancestors and has never gotten outdated, even after all these years. However, modern elements have been added in the suits here and there. So, you can jazz up your traditional game with Virsathis season. This vibrant beige three-piece suit is one of our favorites. The vibrance of the color seeps in a dazzling look of the tradition.

Fancy Eid suit

You can give your attire a final touch by pairing it with ethnic jewelry; necklaces, rings and bracelets. Virsa promises you everlasting beauty and grace!

Festive suit for women

Bold color? Check. Mesmerizing embroidery? Check. Traditional look? Check. If this teal colored three-piece suit from Gul Ahmed’ Glamorous Luxury Collection isn’t your choice this Eid, then I don’t know what is. It is just perfect. You would surely look like a reincarnation of the queen of beauty in this one!

Designer Eid suit for women

This vibrant yellow set against the background of creamy white exudes all the summer and festive feels. The color is new and young. The look is completed by sparkling gold that adds the element of dazzle to the outfit along with staying close to traditions.


We owe Virasat for being the most contemporary section of this year’s Glamorous Luxury Collection by Gul Ahmed. The brand realizes that young women are the inheritance of the nation, andhave to be modern, chic and luxe all at the same time. Thus, Virasat is a concept that is youthful and unique. It has skipped embroidery unlike other suits from the Luxury Collection and has given space to bold colors, golden and silver prints and simpler designs.

Virasat has an aura of free-spirit and independence around it, however it does not forget its roots. In several places, the collection has redefined ethnic with a traditionally modern look. This eventually results in a unique look that makes you stand apart from the crowd. And that’s exactly what Gul Ahmed wants. It aims to bring the youth into the spotlight, letting them showcase their individuality and enabling them to represent their lineage at the same time.

Festive dress for women

With Virasat from Gul Ahmed’s Glamorous Luxury Collection, you are promised an Eid look that is unparalleled in sophistication and new fashion. Pair these classic shirts with your favorite bottoms and look glam this festive season!

Beautiful yellow Eid suit for women

For this dress, the mustard color is the deal-sealer. It looks sleek, modern and chic. What else do you want? For me, this is one of the best contemporary designs from the Glamorous Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Collection. With this one here, you’re definitely going to let some fire alarms off!

Red Eid suit for women

Okay stop me, otherwise I’d just put all the pieces from Gul Ahmed’s Glamorous Luxury Collection here. I can’t help it. They’re all just so pretty! Like this pink one here looks like a modern retro inspired outfit. This suit clearly has an everlasting beauty to it.

Gul Ahmed Luxury Eid Collection is a beautiful ode to our tradition and culture. The eulogy narrates a story that consists of beautiful embroidery, ornamental intricacies and new-age designs that harmonize into everlasting elegance and beauty. Wearing these, you’d be turning temperatures high wherever you go ladies.

Go through the collection on Gul Ahmed’s website or visit their stores near you and grab your favorite pieces. This Eid just got better, ladies!

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