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Elegant Round Tikki Mehndi Designs 2017 – Gol Tikka Mehndi Design Pictures

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As far as the concept of applying mehndi is concerned, no matter how many new styles, designs and embellishments are introduced; the true flavour of simplicity will always be loved and preferred by mature ladies. Especially on Rasm-e-henna the more simple designs on the bride’s hands and feet are, the more elegant and graceful she looks. The purpose of applying henna isn’t only to fill up your hands or feet and load them heavily with patterns but to enhance the beauty of your hands and make them looking more attractive and beautiful. For the sake of simplicity and elegance the most widely practiced designs are the round Tikki or Gol Tikka Mehndi designs with a round shaped body or a filled circle in the center with dots, commas or other thin dotted patterns around the boundary line or the circumference.

Gol tikka style mehndi designs have been greatly loved and followed in Pakistan, India and other regions of Middle East by ladies of all age groups as it doesn’t only retain the simplicity and elegance but gives a very graceful look to one’s feet and hands. And if you are lucky enough to have a dark maroon or red color after washing the paste, then the pattern simply can make everyone focus on your hands. If you are not a master of applying henna and wish to have a perfect pattern for an upcoming event or your wedding, you must not look for experts around you who may charge you heavily for simple designs. You should instead try your own special design which isn’t a big deal at all. All you need to do is buy a good quality cone mehndi and make it work properly by trying on a page first and then by consulting a few designs from this post that will be unbinding a huge collection of best Rounded circle mehndi designs for your hands and feet.

 New Gol Tikka Mehndi Designs 2017 and Round Tikki Henna Styles:

Latest gol tikki menhdi designs 2017-2018 are shared here for you ladies to try on different occasions like weddings and Eid to groom your hands and feet and wear a perfect look by adding to the beauty of your dresses. No matter how many layers of makeup you wear, you still need to apply mehndi to look complete.

Posted below is a photo gallery enriched with stunning design of Round Tiki Mehndi Styles 2017-2018 that are simple and very easy to apply. Once you start making a pattern you will have the confidence to complete it with perfection. Practice would soon make you an expert and you would be able to go for a perfect design for your big day or any upcoming event by your own self. So scroll down and have fun watching these pretty Gol tikka mehndi designs. Keep visiting and hitting Stylesglamour Mehndi Designs Gallery for more beautiful styles, beauty tips and fashion news.

Round Tikki Mehndi Designs 2017

gol tikka mehndi designs

Gol-Tiki-Mehndi-designs (3)

maroon gol tikka mehndi design

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (9)

Gol-Tiki-Mehndi-designs (5)

Gol-Tiki-Mehndi-designs (6)

Gol-Tiki-Mehndi-designs (7)

Gol-Tiki-Mehndi-designs (8)

Gol-Tiki-Mehndi-designs (9)

Gol-Tiki-Mehndi-designs (10)

Gol-Tiki-Mehndi-designs (2)
Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (3)

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (6)

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (16)

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (15)round tikki mehndi design on bride's feet

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (13)

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (1)

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (1)

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (2)

very simple gol tikka mehndi design

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (5)

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (7)

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (17)

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (8)

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (10)

gol tikki mehndi design for mehndi bride

Round-Tikka-Mehndi-Designs (12)

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