Is Real Fur Under The Biggest Threat Of It’s History?

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Year 2019 seems to be the toughest until now for real fur industry! Many fashion ‘’houses’’ decided already to abandon real fur garments, also some States of US banned fur and NY city council is considering to ban fur production and fur sale inside the city!

Some of the brands that have already banned fur are:

Coach 2019
Chanel 2018
Gucci 2018
Michael Kors 2018
Burberry 2019
Jimmy Choo 2018
Versace 2019
John Galliano as of autumn/winter 2019

As you can see 2018 and 2019 were the years with the biggest losses. So we need to ask:

Is real fur industry in threat?

Most of the European and US citizens believe that fur is a non-essential fashion item for which there are sufficient alternatives available. An increasing majority of the population find it unjustifiable to subject animals to prolonged suffering for trivial ends, such as fur coats or fashion accessories. The public awareness that there must be legal constraints on how animals may be used is growing worldwide. In a modern society, the longstanding public opposition to fur farming and changed ethical perception of animals and how they are treated should be properly reflected by law.

Fur industry under threat

On the other hand sustainability in fashion is a necessity!

One characteristic of the fashion industry is its complex supply chain. Apparel production starts with yarn, which is then woven into fabric, and is then cut and sewn into clothing. This supply chain is no longer a local matter, but now extends into many countries across the globe. The larger the demand for fast-fashion items the bigger the problem! 

According to research by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the fashion industry produces 53 million tons of products annually, but the majority of it, 73%, is either incinerated or ends up as landfill.

Real fur clothing can be the answer to the problem of sustainability! Here is how:

  1. It is not unusual to see well-made mink coats that are still in good condition after 20-25 or more years of use. You can also easily give a new life to an old fur coat by completely transforming it: the coat is taken apart and restyled, the fur is sheared and dyed and a complete new look is created. Older furs can be recycled into vests, hats, pillows, knapsacks and a whole range of beautiful and practical new products.
Real fur is biodegradable! It’s natural organic material so the environment can biodegrade the fur!
It is made for long use. Usually, a woman shops 2-3 real fur coats in her lifetime! While another that prefers a fast-fashion coat will shop 25-30 in her lifetime!
The animals that are captured by hunters are controlled by CITES, an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. 

We strongly believe that real fur is a necessity especially in our times! There are so many Eco-problems that we have to face and we need an industry that produces garments that don’t affect  our Eco-system negatively.

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