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Firdous Fashion Chic Winter Dresses Collection 2017-2018 with Prices

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Let’s show you another winter blast by one of the most popular names of the industry. The craze of making new and new dresses has always been one of the most favourite activities of women since ages. And this craze reaches it’s peak when a season just starts. So, as the season has switched, Firdous Winter Collection for Fall ’16 is just hitting stores to surprise you with it’s dazzling prints.

By the start of winter almost all designers and brands have launched their fall collections which are greatly loved and appreciated by public but still there must be many eyes waiting for something extraordinary and unique. Their demand is completely logical in the present time when a huge range of collections are unveiled by a large number of brands. Same designs, same prints and same styles just make one fed up of wearing same stuff, so people now prefer wearing clothes that are not only unique but versatile too. The fantastic array of dresses that is going to be unwrapped in this section has been launched by Firdous.

Firdous Cloth Mills, a name of quality, versatility and style, entered into the fashion market in 1970. The brand with about 14 retail outlets all over Pakistan deals in women’s wear unstitched or loose fabric, home textile, apparel, clutches and bags, along with footwear for both genders.

Firdous Winter Collection 2016-2017

Firdous Winter Collection 2017 Complete Catalog with Prices:

Firdous Winter Collection 2016-2017 for women has been enriched with a huge range of fall prints in various beautiful stuffs including Paris linen, Korean linen and khaddar. These dresses are as pretty and stylish as expected by modern women to look classy and fabulous after wearing them. Posted below is a photo gallery where all these collections have been uploaded with each article being displayed in an HD view along with their price tags.

Keep scrolling down to have a look at these beautiful suits with magical designs and prints. You can purchase these dresses by latest  Firdous Winter Collection either by visiting the company’s outlets anywhere in or near your city or by shopping online via E store. Enjoy the designs and leave your feedback in the comment section below.

Firdous Premium Khaddar Winter 2016-2017 Collection:

Firdous Premium Khaddar Collection for Winter ’16 is flavoured with eye popping designs of khaddar stuff which is certainly one of the most demanded fabrics of the season. The leading designs of Khaddar series are displayed here with their relevant details and prices. All articles of the the Khaddar series have been priced near 3000 rupees.

The following blue khaddar print with white base is exhibiting a touch of cutwork which is quite in trend these days. Fresh colorful floral print especially the red flowers on its khaddar shawl is making this attire an all in one package for young ladies.

Firdous khaddar winter blue dress 2017

3000/- PKR

This royal blue article of the series is surely the one most wanted and demanded dress decorated with very elegant and modish patterns. The stitching style just showcased here is adding to the grace of this beautiful winter outfit.

Royal blue khaddar suit by firdous

3000/- PKR

Peach color is considered as most elegant when you talk about descent colors that suit all age groups. This peach colored embroidered khaddar dress by Firdous is the one offering charismatic looks to ladies belonging to different age groups.

peach colored embroidered khaddar suit by Firdous

3000/- PKR

Violet is again a decent color for ladies who love to dress up gracefully. This design of violet in printed khaddar with embroidered neckline is a smart option for those elegant ladies.

Violet floral printed khaddar winter suit

3000/- PKR

The above displayed design has also been compiled in another very classy color combination of grey and shocking pink.

Grey Embroidered khaddar suit with shocking pink print

3000/- PKR

Firdous Fashion Tropical Premium Winter Collection:

Firdous Tropical Premium Collection for Winters is another wonderful package for ladies who are especially looking for three piece winter dresses designed with quality and class and are reasonable at the same time. It would be hard for you to find best quality three piece suits in just 4,950 rupees. But this series by Firdous Fashion offers it all.

This very elegant dark red colored premium winter outfit by Firdous is the one exhibiting a royal look. Are you ready to deliver royal looks with this stunning outfit?

dark red premium winter dress by firdous

4,950/- PKR

This is another red combination with skin base. It has a tremendous floral pattern all over the shirt and shawl along with a matching red bottom.

maroon embroidered Premium winter outfit 2017

4,950/- PKR

This light shade of parrot green which is quite similar to apple green has intricate mustard embroidered patterns on neckline and a classy royal blue finishing at borders of shirt and sleeves.

parrot green premium winter suit with blue contrast

4,950/- PKR

Another blue combination with a light and dark shade this time is all ready to help you welcome the season with its alluring design.

Royal blue premium embroidered winter fabric

4,950/- PKR

This green and bright reddish orange design with a light base is one of its own kind in the entire winter collection by Firdous Fashion this season.

Orange floral embroidered 3 piece winter dress by firdous

4,950/- PKR

Firdous Paris Linen Winter Suits 2016-2017:

What if a collection contains all stuffs but the most demanded stuff of the season ”Linen” is missing? It would surely be a boring one. Firdous Fashion knew it well, so they brought forward the sensational designs of Paris Linen in their collection to grab attention by all. Firdous Paris Linen Winter Series is offering three piece full suits in eye catching colors and designs, all priced at an exciting price range of 2,200 rupees.

purple paris linen dress by firdous fashion

2,200/- PKR

three piece firdous winter dress 2017

2,200/- PKR

Peach elegant winter linen dress with purple contrast

2,200/- PKR

black multi colored linen suit by firdous

2,200/- PKR

Ferozi linen printed winter dress by firdous fashion

2,200/- PKR

Firdous Korean Linen Winter Dresses 2016-2017:

Finally the label’s most famous fabric, the Korean Linen is right here. Firdous Cloth Mills famous for spectacular prints of Korean Linen have designed exclusive prints of Korean Linen in exciting colors and combinations. Being priced near 2,700/- PKR each, these beautiful dresses are available as full 3 piece suits.

pink and green printed linen firdous outfit

2,700/- PKR

firdous fashion mustard linen winter suit

2,700/- PKR

printed linen green colored fabric by firdous textiles

2,700/- PKR

firdous korean linen winter dress 2017

2,700/- PKR

Firdous fashion zinc and green combination of korean linen dress

2,700/- PKR

Leave your feedback about this stunning Firdous Winter Collection 2016 just dispatched a couple of days ago. Drop a comment in the comment box and let us know and rate the best brands of the season. In order to purchase any of these beautiful Firdous Fashion Winter Outfits, visit the leading outlets or shop online from the Firdous Fashion estore. Stay tuned with Stylesglamour winter fashion gallery for more alluring collections and fashion updates. Happy Winters!

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