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DIY Step by Step Tutorial to Shape your Eyebrows Perfectly at Home

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Tweeze them thin, trim them, color them dark, pluck them fine and shape them right; the whole perfect brow story right here for you today! Do you know that almost 80% percent of the women pay to the salon after every two weeks? Wonder why it is so? Simply because after every two weeks they need to shade and reshape their roughly grown brows and have to rush to the beauty parlors. So grab your scissors, tweezers, liner and join with us now to shape up your essential feature all on your own with this ever helpful and simple eyebrow shaping tutorial on How to Shape your Eyebrows Yourself.

eyebrow shaping tutorial

Eyebrow Shaping Tutorial – How to Shape Eyebrows Perfectly by Yourself:

The things you’ll need before you start with this eyebrow shaping tutorial, are;

  • A mascara brush,
  • Tweezers,
  • Scissors (optionally needed if you find it easy to trim with it),
  • A thread (this is also optional. if you find using thread more handy for plucking, you can use it).
  • Concealer with a thin faced brush (helpful to mark the points, however a liner pencil can also be used for this part),
  • A liner pencil that matches your to eyebrows hair in color.

And now, let’s get started!

  1. Begin with determining your face shape! Not the same brow shape would suit on every face, imagine you have a round and chubby face with very thin plucked eyebrows would look like you did a disastrous mistake while making over. So below are some picture of eyebrow shapes that suit on different face shapes, match it with your face before you start. Remember with a more angular face shape, like heart, diamond, or square; soft and rounded or curved arch of eyebrows are good while with smooth face make like long or oval, a little flatter brows are more attractive and balancing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 step-1-How-to-shape-eyeBrows step-1-how-to-shape-eyebrows (5) step-1-how-to-shape-eyebrows (4) step-1-how-to-shape-eyebrows (3)step-1-how-to-shape-eyebrows (2)step-1-how-to-shape-eyebrows (1)eyebrow shapes for different faces eyebrow shapes
  2. Now that you have almost determined about what outline of the shaping would suit your face, let’s just move towards the actual procedure. Look into the mirror and hold the tweezers, brush, or any pencil straight from side of the nose to the start of your brow vertically and mark that point over eyebrow.step-2-how-to-shape-eyebrows (2) step-2-how-to-shape-eyebrows
  3. To find the peak of brow, hold the brush diagonally from side of nose to brows keeping it parallel to the pupil of your eye and mark the peak. And then from the same point of nose hold the brush towards the outer corner or the eye rill the end of brow and mark the end point. (illustration of step 2 & 3 is in the picture below)step-2&3-illustration step-3-how-to-shape-eyebrows (1) step-3-how-to-shape-eyebrows (2) step-3-how-to-shape-eyebrows (3)
  4. Next, use concealer or liner pencil to draw an upper and lower outline of your natural eyebrow shape from their start to end, according to the points you just marked.
  5. Brush the brow hair with a mascara brush, this would help their natural make to appear darker and defined.
  6. Now it’s time to tweeze or pluck, remove the hair that are out of the outline you just drew around your eyebrows shape. You can use whatever you want for the removing purpose like tweezers, thread, wax or whatever you have a stable hand with.
    step-6-how-to-shape-eyebrows (3)
  7. You might need to pluck a few hair from underneath brow against the peak to form the curve.step-7-how-to-shape-eyebrows (1) step-7-how-to-shape-eyebrows (2)
  8. And then, the final step! Finish up by tinting your eyebrows with a liner pencil or color that is well matched with your hair color. Oh Remember! Before you start to color them up, don’t forget to clean up the outline you drew earlier.
  9. You can also use stencils to shape up the brows, just hold the stencil over brow and mark the shape rest is all same way onward from step 5.stencil-how-to-shape-eyebrows

And you’re done! Enjoy the final look with a well-defined brow shape so that you don’t have to suffer with rough eyebrow complex

Revel in the beauty guidelines and do give us feedback about how good this tutorial was for you. Stick to the StylesGlamour and find more stuff on making over with our Beauty Tutorials.
how-to-shape-eyebrows-by-yourself (2)





how-to-shape-eyebrows-by-yourself (1)

how-to-shape-eyebrows-by-yourself (6)

So follow these steps of the above mentioned eyebrow shaping tutorial and plcuk your eyebrows with a perfect shape at home.

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