Embroidered Eid Dresses Collection by Nadia Hussain

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Here comes another alluring Lawn dresses collection for Eid by Nadia Hussain. Nadia is Pakistan’s top most fashion models, actress and host. She is not a designer, yet runs clothing hub for women under her own name. One of the many reasons why women prefer this fashion label for their lawn dresses in the huge fan following of the model. Not only she, but many other popular personalities can be seen getting involved in fashion industry because they are already that much famous that it could get them more response from public as compared to other brands and designers. Nadia is currently considered Pakistan’s top most models and can be seen in almost every ramp walk. She has found to be the most demanded model by designers while showcasing their wearable and is usually found as a show stopper. This fashion hub deals in women’s clothing specially lawn suits, the fabric that has currently become the most demanded fabric of the era, as women are found to be very conscious about shopping lawn dresses as compared to any other fabric in the market.

Nadia Hussain Lawn Eid Collection 2014 for Women:

The new Eid collection by Nadia Hussain is finally hitting stores. It is a wonderful assortment full of charming lawn prints in eye popping colors and brilliant contrasting patterns. Being adorned with royal colors, these dresses are appropriate to be worn on the festival. If you have not gone through this assortment, check it out in the section below. All prints have been displayed. Enjoy the photo gallery and pick up the best one among these. You can get these dresses from brand’s nearest outlet in your city. Share your views with us in the comment box below. Have a blessed and joyful Eid.

Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-2 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-3 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-4 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-5 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-6 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-7 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-8 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-9 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-10 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-11 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-12 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-13 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-14 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-15 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-16 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-17 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-18 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-19 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-20 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-21 Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-22Nadia-Hussain-Embroidered-Eid-Collection-2014-1

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