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Top 10 Most Efficient and Effective Natural Remedies for Dry Skin

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Your skin is much more than just being an outer covering for your bones. It is a protective layer that keeps away the germs from your body. So it needs a special care to be maintained in a proper way. In addition to having a genetic background, by the changing weather conditions every second person faces the problems of dry, scorched and cracking skin leading to intense itching. This doesn’t only irritate you but gives a very rough look to your body and face. Today’s post will help you discover some natural dry skin remedies amd tips in order to get a smooth, moist and fresh skin.

Dry Skin Remedies & Treatment -How to get rid of dry skin:

Following are some natural home-made dry skin remedies and precautions to do away with dryness and cracking.

1). Avoid hot showers:

A hot shower in winters feels very pleasant and soothes one’s body but isn’t a good idea at all for those having dry skin. Hot water can remove the natural oil barrier on the surface of your body and deprive it of moisture which otherwise could not be trapped. So try to go for warm showers rather than hot baths and make sure to prolong it no longer than 10 minutes. This is what the dermatologists suggest.

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2). Keep away from sun – Use Sunscreen:

The sun rays play most of the part in almost all sorts of dermis problems like acne, dark spots, freckles and of course the dry and cracking skin problem. But it is way difficult for working ladies and especially men to stay away from sun all day round, so the best option to keep away from sun rays is to use a good sunblock or sunscreen.

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3). Honey:

Honey is the best natural remedy for dryness. Applying honey on dry areas of your body and letting for about 3 minutes can help them stay moist and hydrated.

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4). Almond Oil:

Almond oil contains vitamin E and is a lubricant very helpful in hydrating skin. Take an appropriate amount of almond oil on your palm and apply on your face, massage for about 5 minutes and wash away later with lukewarm water.

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5). Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera, a gelatinous substance obtained from Aloe plant can help retain moisture and hydrate skin in most efficient way.

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6). Curd:

One of the best remedies for scorched skin is curd. The lactic acid present inside it has proved to be very helpful in doing away with dryness.

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7). Lemon Juice and Sugar:

Among the natural ingredients to fight against any sort of dermis problems, lemon has always proved to be one of the most efficient fruits ever. The vitamin C inside lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent having amazing capabilities to remove dark spots and lighten the skin tone. Mixing about half tablespoon of sugar in lemon juice, and applying with cotton ball for overnight can make your skin moist.

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8). Banana and Yogurt Paste:

Mesh some bananas and mix an appropriate amount of yogurt in the paste. Apply the mixture on your face and keep for about half an hour. Wash away later with lukewarm water.

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9). Use Moisturisers:

Try to keep your skin moist by using moisturising products like milk creams and oils. Bay oil has proved one of the best natural products in this regard. The moisture on outer layer of your body would help trap water and keep it hydrated.

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10). Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil contains fatty acids inside it which can help recover any damage caused to dermis especially the cracking dermis problem. Apply coconut oil on your body every night and wash away in the morning. This would help you retain moisture.

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