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6 Denim Fashion Comebacks We Haven’t Seen Since The 90s

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The 1990s were full of denim trends that happen to be coming back around. Here are six denim fashion trends of the 90s making a comeback in 2019:

6 Denim Fashion Trends We Haven’t Seen Since 1990

Denim Fashion Trends

1. Ripped knees and worn-looking jeans

Perhaps the biggest comeback trend in denim is the distressed look, but the consumer no longer needs to do the work. Today, Xabi Jeans LA produces a USA-made premium jean that comes with two key 90s features: pre-ripped knees, and a well-worn dark color called Lancia.

USA-made jeans were big in the 90s, but the rising cost of denim forced manufacturers to move their production overseas. Xabi takes it one step further and distresses their jeans by hand. In fact, all of the artistic aspects of creating a pair of Xabi jeans are done by hand including cutting, sewing, washing, sanding, bleaching, and airbrushing. They even use real stones to stonewash their jeans.

Ripped knees and worn-looking jeans

Stonewashed jeans have been popular for decades, even when the style seems to fade from the Hollywood spotlight. If you’ve never seen how it’s done, check out this YouTube video posted by Insider. Stonewashing denim not only gives it a well-worn look but makes it softer and more flexible.

2. Bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans look like bell bottoms that didn’t quite turn out right. Even the model in GQs article about the bootcut jeans comeback doesn’t look too thrilled to be wearing them. One look and you’ll understand why.

Bootcut jeans trend

Bootcut jeans are designed to cover up your shoes, and of course, slide over larger pairs of boots. It’s hard to see bootcut jeans sticking around for long since today’s fashion is all about showing off your footwear.

3. Rolled cuffs

Speaking of showing off your footwear, Levi’s came out with a new pair of jeans with a pre-rolled cuff designed specifically for showing off your kicks. They’re called the Hi-Ball Roll Jeans. This move makes every bit of business sense, considering the U.S. sneaker market has been exploding, reaching $19.6 billion in revenue in 2017.

Rolled cuffs trend

The only downside to rolled cuffs is they tend to unravel, and it’s difficult to get them perfectly aligned. With the Hi-Ball Roll Jeans, that’s a non-issue.

4. Wide-leg cropped denim pants

Women’s wide-leg cropped pants are not quite long enough to be considered pants, but not short enough to be capris. They’re generally high-waisted, and when made of jean material, have a front fly made of buttons rather than a zipper. The cuff width can be as wide as fifteen inches.

Wide-leg cropped denim pants trend

Fashion experts say this trend has been coming for a while and has the power to replace skinny jeans. Or so we can hope. Apparently, this is the sign of a macro trend – a trend that starts with early adopters, trickles down into the mainstream, and becomes the standard in the market.

‘Tis the season to crop it like it’s hot!

5. Denim jackets

Whether they’re stonewashed, acid washed, or solid black, denim jackets are back, and they’re already on the runway. Although acid wash is a style that originated in the 80s, it remained popular through part of the 90s.

Denim jackets trend

An acid wash denim jacket would be the perfect jacket to wear with some distressed Xabi jeans, as long as the jacket is also USA-made.

6. JNCO jeans

Men’s wide leg jeans are back – again.

In 1985, French brothers Haim Milo and Jacques Yaakov Revah used their life savings to launch USA-made jeans company JNCO. The company rose to fame among the grunge, skater, and rave kids in the early 1990s, and faded out of existence somewhere around 2002.

JNCO jeans were known for their unique stitching, cuts, graffiti-style logos, custom embroidery, huge back pockets, and ultra-wide legs. To the JNCO brothers, it was all about the details and challenging conventionalism.

JNCO jeans trend

In 2016, a company licensing the JNCO name attempted a comeback that didn’t last long. The jeans weren’t up to quality standards, and customers weren’t buying. The brothers have since recovered the rights to their brand, and are planning to launch a real comeback in 2019, promising quality we haven’t seen since the 90s.

Although JNCO jeans were designed to completely cover your shoes, some women wear vintage JNCO jeans as cropped jeans – cutting the jeans off just above the ankles.

Fashion is about personal expression

Regardless of what’s trending, fashion is about personal expression. The 90s bring some creative flair to the world of denim, but regardless of what’s popular, wear whatever makes you feel good.

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