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How to Make Mehndi Darker? – Best Tips to Make Henna Darker

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Mehndi, a memento and reminder of our traditions! Applied every time on one’s wedding, Eids and is a reminiscent of traditional times. But mehndis available in bazaars fade even after a single wash. The brides have to face problems, as faded mehndi doesn’t look good on a bride’s hand. Even a brilliant design applied perfectly on hands and feet may spoil the entire look by its light yellow or orange shade, so it is need of time to use such techniques and ideas by which the color of henna may look darker and of course stay longer. To get rid of such an irritating situation we may help you out. There are a few dark mehndi tips and tricks through which we can preserve henna from fading for days with no snags, and we have wrapped them up over here.

Our main focus in today’s post is not on the mehndi designs but how to make them look more appealing and attractive by darkening them. This article will highlight a few very simple and easy tips to make your henna designs darker and much attractive. Following these tips in the right way can make your henna designs all the more beautiful and fabulous.

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How to Make Henna Darker? – Dark Mehndi Tips for Darker Mehndi Shades:

Here are some easy tips to make your henna look darker and stay for a longer time, thus give an amazing look.

  • Non greasy-hands:

Before using mehndi, make sure that the area where you have to apply is non-greasy, free of oils and lotions.

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  • Lemon sugar paste:

Dissolve some sugar in boiling water and let it cool. Then add few lemon juice drops to it. Once henna has dried, apply the lemon-sugar mixture on dried henna with cotton for the deep penetration of the color.

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  • Use of petroleum jelly:

Use of petroleum jelly after washing the mehndi, gives it a lasting color for many days.

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  • Use of vicks:

Once the mehndi has been scraped off, apply some vicks on the design that turns the orangish color into the red.

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  • Leaving mehndi for hours:

If you have sufficient time before the event, then never go for emergency cones, as their color is meant for a very short time and have many side-effects as well like they peel off the skin when pales! Use regular cones and apply them for a maximum of 6 to 7 hours for the optimal results.

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Following these very simple and natural dark mehndi tips would make your henna stay longer and give it a darker shade making it all the more beautiful and charming enhancing the beauty of your hands and feet. So enjoy a fabulous look by following these ideas. Please let us know whether this topic was helpful to you or not? Leave your feedback in the comment section below about these dark mehndi tips. Keep visiting Stylesglamour Beauty Tips Gallery for more ideas, Mehndi designs and tips to enhance beauty.

Dark Mehndi Tips

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very dark mehndi design

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