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How to do a perfect cat eye makeup – Step by Step Cat Eyeliner Tutorial

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Never ask a girl with a cat-eye about why she’s late? As millions of girls feel it a bit tricky to apply such an eye makeups so back with the amazing styling technique StylesGlamour is here with new exciting tutorial to add a chic way to your makeovers! Stay with us here and let’s explore a perfect cat eye makeup tutorial here, in simple steps.

Cat eye makeup Tutorial Step by Step with Pictures:

  • Don’t miss the base! Begin with applying a light layer of foundation over your eye lid. It would help the eye-shadow and liner to appear clearer and last longer.
  • Now, for the jet black effect; Take a waterproof pencil and color the upper and lower inner rim of your eyes by gently pulling both your lids upwards and downwards.
  • The eyeliner part starts here! Put the brush or pencil tip at the middle of you upper lid, draw an arc-shaped line close to your lashes. Just a steady hand is needed or in the case you can’t make it steady make a dotted line first and then connect the dots forming the stroke.


  • Then, from the inner corner of your eye i.e. from the tear duct, start drawing a line and connect it with the one you just drew. An extra tip for this step is if you extend the strokes towards the nose it’ll give an illusion of larger eyes.


  • Time to Wing it out! Form your eyeliner wing by drawing a line starting from the last lash outwards and dragging it longer. Act like the wing is just the extension of your lash-line and you’ll have nice and accurate flick.


  • After sketching your wing, draw a line back to your upper lash line forming an empty triangle.


  • Fill up the color in the triangle with your lining pencil or liquid eyeliner and your cat-eye liner is done.


  • When you’re done with the eyeliner part; Grab the desired eye-shadow and an angled brush.
  • Wet your brush and make it covered into the shade. Place the brush in the center of the upper eyelid and smear it outwards.


  • Trace a line on your bottom lash line. You can use either pencil or brush to do so, It’s definitely up to your choice and comfort.


  • Color both top and bottom waterline with jet black liner.


  • Apply 3-4 layers of mascara over your upper and lower lashes.


  • Make a highlight on the bottom outer corner with any white, silver or light colored shadow to pop out you make-up more as cat eye shape.


Done with all this? Nothing more to do, your look is complete! Give a glance to the pictures below, they may help you out with more ideas and perfection. So stay in style, have your glamour!





cat eye makeup tutorial

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how-to-do-perfect-cat-eye-makeup-tutorial (20)

how-to-do-perfect-cat-eye-makeup-tutorial (4)


how-to-do-perfect-cat-eye-makeup-tutorial (19)











Follow these simple steps of cat eye makeup tutorial and make a cool cat eye. Keep visiting Stylesglamour makeup tutorials and beauty tips gallery for more.

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